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Steve Wozniak Considers Ethereum to Become as Influential as Apple


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There is never a shortage of intriguing developments in the cryptocurrency world. Steve Wozniak is convinced Ethereum has a bright future ahead. In fact, he is confident it can become the “Apple of cryptocurrency”. That in itself is a rather remarkable statement, but a healthy boost the cryptocurrency industry direly needs.

It is a well-known fact Steve Wozniak is a visionary. His vision brought Apple the success we see today. He is also keeping close tabs on ongoing developments in the technology world. Earlier this week, it became clear he is not a big fan of Facebook and the directory the company is heading in. Wozniak isn’t the only one getting rid of Facebook recently, though, as the platform has become a cesspool of dubious behavior.

Steve Wozniak Sees Potential for Ethereum

Perhaps the more interesting statement is how Steve Wozniak also favors cryptocurrencies. He holds a portion of Bitcoin and Ether alike. A few months ago, he started delving deeper into how these currencies work and what makes them tick. From a long-term perspective, it seems Ethereum has the better chance of succeeding. An interesting opinion, although one that shouldn’t be ignored.

More specifically, Steve Wozniak favors Ethereum because it is a platform. Unlike Bitcoin or most other currencies, Ethereum isn’t built “just” for payments. It is an ecosystem that will thrive on decentralization. Whether it is through apps, tools, or other services, the opportunities are virtually limitless. Wozniak goes as far as stating how Ethereum can become as influential as Apple during his tenure at the company.

Whether or not he will be correct in that assessment, remains to be seen. Having Steve Wozniak publicly validate Ethereum as the future of cryptocurrency opens up a lot of new opportunities. Even so, there are still growing pains and issues Ethereum needs to sort out in the future. Developments are underway, and the switch to proof-of-stake is looming on the horizon.

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