There has always been an interesting correlation between porn and cryptocurrency. Some people consider this to be a match made in heaven. Stormy Daniels, a well-known adult entertainment actress, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Not Verge, though, but rather Vice Industry Tokens.

It is evident cryptocurrencies can play a big role in the porn industry. Not in a “starring role” by any means, but rather as a new payment option. Unlike traditional payments, Bitcoin and consorts are borderless forms of money which do not require authorization or approval. As such, a lot of new revenue streams can be tapped into by embracing this new form of money.

A Major Development for Vice Industry Tokens

Stormy Daniels is one of the first big stars to embrace cryptocurrency. On her website, she now accepts Vice Industry Tokens as a payment method. This payment method will also be used at nearly two dozen other adult content websites. The project was initially set up in February to bring cryptocurrency to the adult entertainment industry.

While many expected Verge to be accepted, that is not the case. Despite its partnership with Pornhub, the adoption of Verge is still pretty low. Given the currency’s recent string of network issues, that situation will not change anytime soon. Vice Industry Tokens make a lot more sense to both viewers and content creators.

More specifically, users will be able to make money from watching porn. This sounds like a dream come true for a lot of viewers. It will be interesting to see how this particular venture will pan out. Playboy is also in the process of working with Vice Industry Tokens. Some competition in this space can only lead to future innovation and better conditions for everyone involved.

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