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Stratis Development Team Announces Breeze Tumbler Nodes With Financial Incentives


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It has been a little while since a major announcement was made by the Stratis team. The long wait is finally over, as the team announced their very first network node project. This is all part of the upcoming Breeze Node infrastructure, which will serve as the backbone for the Breeze Wallet. An important milestone has been achieved for Stratis, that much is certain.

Stratis Master Nodes Are Coming Soon

It is evident Stratis wants to bring a new flair to the world of blockchain technology. As their native STRAT token is gaining in value on a nearly weekly basis right now, the team has also been working on a new feature. As part of this development update, node operators will soon be able to secure on-chain and off-chain transactions for the upcoming Breeze Wallet. Every node operator will receive a financial incentive to provide this support, which will be music to the ears of Stratis holders.

This new project is known as the Breeze Tumbler Node, or Master node, on the Stratis network. The main objective of these nodes is to ensure Breeze Wallet users can execute TumbleBit transactions for both bitcoin and STRAT. Do keep in mind this is just the first time of special network nodes to be announced, as more is yet to come.

Anyone in the world can operate a Breeze Tumbler Node, assuming they meet specific requirements. To be more specific, a master node owner will need to lock at least 250,000 STRAT in a wallet. Anyone looking to support Bitcoin tumbling procedures will need to store at least 5 bitcoin in a wallet, which will be used to process payments. It is advised users lock up additional bitcoin to provide this service, though.Last but not least, server hosts will need to provide a to-be-determined amount of storage capacity. Keeping the Breeze Node online at all times is of the utmost importance.

It is important to note every Breeze Tumbler Node will operate in a decentralized manner. It is also possible for node operators to store the 250,000 STRAT on a ledger wallet or on offline backup, if they prefer to do so. Bitcoin reserves will need to be kept in a wallet on the node, though, as there is no way to circumvent this requirement as of right now. Operators will receive roughly 1% of transaction fees paid by users to the Breeze Node processing the TUmbleBit transaction in question.

According to the official blog post, Breeze Tumbler Nodes are expected to go live in the next two months, although no specific date has been provided yet. The goal is to have at least a few nodes operational before the Breeze Wallet is even released. A lot of exciting news is to be expected in between now and the end of Q2 2017. Stratis is on the right track to solidify its reputation in the blockchain world, that much is evident.

Header image courtesy of Stratis

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