It is evident there will be a booming ICO industry in the future. The big question is whether or not projects will flock to Ethereum to issue new tokens. We have seen some interesting competitors show up over the past few months. The latest project to do so is Stratis, as their Test ICO platform is now available to the public. An interesting decision during a time at which ICOs are scrutinized quite a bit.

Stratis is not an unknown platform for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. While the project has gone under the radar for a lot of people, things will change very soon. There are some interesting features in development which will attract a lot of attention. Their new ICO platform, for example, may prove to be quite interesting to the right parties. That is, assuming anyone is still planning to issue ICO tokens in the future. Most projects would do so on Ethereum, but it is good to have some more competition on the market.

Stratis Jumps on the ICO Platform Bandwagon

More specifically, the Stratis Test ICO is currently live on the platform itself. This will only work with testnet coins, which is only to be expected. This new platform is secure and customizable, which allows people to host ICOs on the native Blockchain Network. It is a brand new solution built from scratch. Moreover, it can be deployed through Microsoft Azure, which makes it both convenient and easily accessible. An interesting development in the world of cryptocurrency, that much is certain.

Do keep in mind this is merely a test of what the platform will be capable of in the future. There are no coins or private keys stored on the hosting infrastructure. This applies to both the test and the final version of this platform alike. For the time being, users can check out the new platform for a total of two weeks. During this time, feedback can be provided to help improve this ICO solution moving forward. It will be interesting to see how the community responds to this project.

We see more and more platforms emerge for ICO hosting specifically. While Ethereum will remain the primary choice, it’s good to have alternatives. Waves is one example that comes to mind, and there is also NEO. With Stratis now getting on board, the ecosystem gets even more competitive. Initial coin offerings will remain a critical business model to a lot of companies.

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