StreamLive is working on a blockchain-based streaming platform — a unique idea, initially unheard of. This streaming platform will help provide users with a faster and better streaming platform.

The generation today, as many would say, has witnessed the smooth transition from traditional and old school media towards an innovative digital transformation.

Millennials and Gen Z, have all taken part in pushing the digital era to its peak — for the market to reach technical advancements that were considered impossible before. Thanks to this, we can see and use technologies today that have revolutionized the way we live and communicate. We have artificial intelligence, big data, metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and of course, blockchain.

Different industries benefit from all these innovations and have caused several sectors to grow and expand through the years. Millennials, moreover, as can be seen, today, are more likely to be inclined toward modern and eccentric technical solutions. They can be intricate and detail-oriented, especially when it comes to media.

With this said, as we are now in the digital era, combining two powerful industries — live streaming and blockchain, is exactly what millennials need today. Coming up with this kind of platform is somehow foreseeable and StreamLive is among the pioneers of this exceptional revolution.

StreamLive is launching a blockchain-based, multi-streaming platform that will be perfect for new-generation audiences and markets. The platform will have the capabilities that blockchain offers; hence, empowering the streamers to have full control and ownership over their content while also getting a good reward system using Stream Coin.

In detail, StreamLive’s platform will allow the streamers to simulcast their streams to other platforms across the globe — breaking down geographical boundaries. The platform also has a feature that will enable streamers to filter their viewers’ access to their content based on demographics (country, age, and gender). Similarly, the streamers will also have the freedom to choose which advertisements to display in between their live streams.

Apart from this, the platform will have an application-based version, which will help users (streamers and viewers) to conveniently utilize it to stream or watch anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, as it is blockchain-based, the platform will also have a native cryptocurrency, Stream Coin (STRM), which will be used in all its transactions. One of the key points to notice is that Stream Coin rewards are not only offered to the streamers but the viewers as well — unlike other streaming platforms. Streamers will get rewarded with STRM by their fans, while the viewers can earn STRM just by watching the advertisements embedded in the streamers’ content. What’s more, both will get 100% of their STRM earnings.

Another notable feature is its NFT marketplace. In the future, StreamLive will be able to mint its own NFT standard and allow streamers to turn their videos into NFTs, and upload them in the NFT marketplace.

With that said, the team behind StreamLive is working hard to make this project a success. As a matter of fact, the Stream community as well is showing unceasing support for Stream Coin. Stream Coin’s official Telegram channel is always active — discussing everything under the sun; crypto and live streaming-related topics.

Actually, Stream Coin recently conducted its first Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session on its official Telegram Community Channel, with its CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh. Here, Mr. Chaybeh was able to clear misunderstandings and answer questions from the members of the Stream Community. He explained how the platform works and addressed other relevant information to its members.

This only shows that Stream Coin is gradually establishing its presence in the market and with its impending public sale on February 1, 2022, many have already displayed interest in taking part in this.

StreamLive’s team is excited to show everyone who believes in them, the fruit of their labours and most especially, the platform that will change the way people stream today — the game-changer in the live streaming industry.

To know more visit the Stream Coin website.


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