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StreamSpace: A Decentralized Model for Effective Global Film Distribution


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The frustration experienced by filmmakers who do not achieve appropriate rewards for their hard work is as a result of the limitations of the current distribution systems which gives room for some foul play, inefficiencies, and discrepancies.

The current systems of film distribution consist of intermediaries whose priority is their own personal benefits, rather than the full expression of released product into the film market. The challenges faced by independent filmmakers who struggle to reach their targeted audience range from the lack of capacity to meet up with the fees charged by the major film studios, publishers and marketers to the non-security of products that eventually end up in the hands of pirates.

Blockchain eliminates intermediaries

By exploring the characteristics and benefits of blockchain technology, StreamSpace is providing a decentralized platform that will connect filmmakers directly to their audience and enable the maximization of the opportunities provided by their efforts.

The elimination of intermediaries who charge exorbitant fees and select which product to promote and which ones not to introduces a level playing ground for all levels of film creators. This system determines that accessibility to the global audience becomes easy and affordable to all. The immutable nature of blockchain technology will automatically fight off the indiscriminate compromising of original products that is currently a huge setback in the industry.

Effectively reaching the global audience

StreamSpace has developed a proprietary and patented method for parsing large files such as digital films and storing them in a highly distributed network of servers.  This leverages the core advantages offered by blockchain technologies:  the anti-piracy security that comes from an immutable ledger of asset transfers, the speed inherent in combining small blocks from a vast array of storage points, and the integrity that comes with duplication of content elements across the array of servers.

This innovation will enable consumers to be able to enjoy content on a variety of screens – from their 5” cell phones to a 13” laptop to a 32” HDTV to an 84” 5K UHDTV.  StreamSpace will be designing a player that will run on all of the key operating systems and consumer viewing devices. This will inadvertently enable the filmmarket to assume the huge coverage of mobile technology with the potential of reaching a global audience.

A token that makes it all possible

The Ethereum based token of the StreamSpace platform will assume the intrinsic advantages of Ethereum which involves the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that can execute smart contracts submitted to run on the Ethereum chain. These contracts are self-enforcing and cannot be manipulated or censored, which allows programmers to automate many processes that traditionally require an oversight board.

This yields advantages in terms of content security and transparency of the transactions along with the transaction history. Examples of applications include e-commerce, real estate transactions, legal contracts, and financial trading. The smart contract acts as an escrow system, whereby the payment is not released until the “product” has been delivered and acknowledged. A digital wallet holds the funds in the form of a specific number or fraction of StreamShares tokens, represented by the token symbol SSH, assigned to a unique account identifier with a private and public key.

The StreamShares (SSH) tokens will be made available to the public in an ICO that is scheduled to begin on January 18 2018, allowing users to have direct access to published film content from the original creators.


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