Drama in the Bitcoin world is anything but hard to come by these days.That is rather unfortunate, but it is how things have evolved over time. Suprnova has finally started mining Bitcoin Cash, which is rather surprising. Their coinbase data, however, is less professional. They certainly make their statement on BCH very clear with this message, although a lot of people won’t appreciate it whatsoever.

It is evident there is still a schism between BTC and BCH supporters. Unlike what people would like to see, the communities remain at odds with one another. It is doubtful this situation will ever be resolved in a peaceful manner. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, as egos are not difficult to come by in the cryptocurrency world. The coinbase data for Suprnova’s Bitcoin Cash mining pool confirms as much. It is a sign of unprofessional behavior, to say the very least.

Suprnova Lacks Professionalism at Times

Adding the message of “Fuck Bitcoin Cash” to ever block mined by the pool is quite the statement. If the company had no intention to support BCH, they shouldn’t open their pool either. Surprisingly, the pool labels Bitcoin Cash as BCC instead of BCC. We all know BCC stands for BitConnect, which is a rather shady cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is a very different creature in this regard. While not everyone may like it or its price action, the altcoin won’t go away either.

So far, the community isn’t too bothered by this statement. They are glad Suprnova listen to miners and allows them to mine Bitcoin Cash. There is a lot animosity toward this currency, yet it’s time to leave the childish comments behind us. Instead, we should focus on uniting both communities to create a better and stronger Bitcoin. Whether or not that is still possible at this point, remains to be seen, though. A lot of damage has been done, that much is certain. This coinbase text only adds more fuel to the fire as well.

Having more mining pools on board is good news for BCH users. More pools means the mining aspect of this altcoin becomes more decentralized as well. Even pools that hate this altcoin are still getting in on the action. It is a profitable coin to mine and the pool owners will get some decent fees from this new server as well. There is no reason not to support BCH mining right now, regardless of personal preferences. An interesting development, though, that much is certain.

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