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Survey: Blockchain Jobs Are Becoming Much More Common


Blockchain is arguably becoming one of the most innovative and important technological trends in the world.

More Companies Are Looking to Fill Blockchain Roles

A new survey conducted by Heindrick and Struggles shows blockchain positions with Fortune 500 companies and related businesses are becoming much more common. Jeff Smith – a board member for ANZ and Sonrai Security – recently commented in an interview that there are several security issues companies are facing nowadays, and blockchain helps to alleviate some of them. He said:

As the digital realm converges with cybersecurity, digital transformation, AI, and global perspectives, boards must cultivate a profound understanding of these technologies to successfully navigate the dynamic digital landscape worldwide.

Sanjay Poonen – the CEO and president of Cohesity – also threw his two cents into the mix, stating:

In our increasingly digital environment, it has become crucial for leaders to be tech-savvy if they want to keep up with the lightning-fast evolution of technology. These skills are invaluable not only to IT engineers, but also to people who are responsible for coming up with global strategies that companies employ, which must always take cybersecurity and cyber resilience into account.

Jim Scapa – the CEO of Altair, a computation science company that delves in AI and simulation – says that up to this point, security and blockchain experts on company teams have been lacking, though he’s seeing a gradual increase in the growth and need for these kinds of individuals. He also said his company has been ahead of the game in that there have always been security players on his team. He mentioned:

Long gone are the times when ‘businesspeople’ and ‘technical people’ lived in their own different worlds. Today, technology is not just an element of a business for many companies; it ‘is’ the business. As these boundaries increasingly evaporate, the role and importance of visionary technologists on company boards grows proportionally.

Rochelle Campbell – CEO of Leadership Elevated – says her firm has gone through a lot to find the right blockchain technologists that will join the group. She also offered an idea of what it is her company is looking for and what blockchain-focused job seekers should concentrate on if they’re looking to get hired. She stated:

Finding a new board member with sufficient technical expertise requires a comprehensive approach Essentially, candidates must [understand] both your organizational technical needs and the ability to fulfill their fiduciary duties through [the] oversight of organizational strategy in a global economy.

What Do Companies Want?

She continued with:

As such, companies should focus on finding a candidate who both understands the ‘under-the-hood’ specifics and can also offer the oversight to help lead boards through this transformational time.

In many ways, having the right technologists on the team is becoming essential for a company’s growth and long-term standing.


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