SwissBorg, a growing wealth management services company is now holding an ICO, started December 7, 2017. Following a community-oriented approach, the project, backed by blockchain is aiming to bring the best investment solutions for all. The project is the wealthtech DAO, offering Swiss-made crypto investment solutions to global investors and its community members.

The Objectives

The project aims to re-analyze the wealth management solutions with a special centric approach leveraged upon Ethereum. No matter if you are an individual investor, or a financial professional or a DAO, SwissBorg comes with a decentralized, fully democratic skilled ecosystem that effectively and securely manages the crypto-assets portfolio.

The Concept of Smart Mandate

The smart mandate is an investment mandate based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The blend of both digitalization and cryptography leads to enhanced customization and accessibility. Every customer will enjoy an ownership of 100% customizable smart mandate, enabling a transparent access to financial advisors, consultants and investment services globally.

The Elements of SwissBorg Investment Plan

SwissBorg investment management division is backed by professional and experienced financial advisers and portfolio managers, and provides innovative wealth management and asset management solutions to the investors. The professional staff at SwissBorg is characterized by their cutting-edge performance under tough risk management constraints using the Artificial Intelligence technologies. Moreover, they have developed smart indexes to provide customers a diversified cryptocurrency exposure. Each community member at SwissBorg project will be given a profitable opportunity to earn up to 10 percent of SwissBorg revenue, which is to be distributed to contributors on a fair basis.

The Benefits of SwissBorg Project

  • It is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • It maintains an extensive financial community
  • Private crypto-assets holders
  • Rewards for all community members
  • Tailor-made crypto-assets services
  • Alpha investment strategies and Artificial Intelligence

Rewards for SwissBorg Token Holders

Swissborg’s tokens called CHSB Tokens, give every token holder a right to receive 25 percent of the project’s revenue. As announced by the company, CHSB Token holders will get payments in ETH as per the contract’s pre-planned rules. In addition, the CHSB token holder will get SwissBorg C-share in exchange for CHSB tokens.

The Upcoming ICO

The ICO of SwissBorg started on December 7, 2017, through which participants are now able to contribute to the platform’s community. The project intends to reward every community member for their contribution and offer tailored offerings to investors.

To participate in the SwissBorg ICO or to know more about the project, please visit


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