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Synereo Announces First Attention Economy App Called Qrator


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There is a lot of excitement regarding the Synereo project, and rightfully so. The team wants to focus on the Attention  Economy, rather than build yet another traditional social media platform that controls user content. The first tool towards achieving that goal has been released under the name of Qrator. An intriguing concept that allows anyone to monetize their content moving forward.

Synereo’s Qrator Is Intriguing

There are quite a few changes coming to the way people think of social media networks. Synereo wants to reward users for sharing quality content with others. Moreover, the Qrator toolkit will give everyone around the world a chance to monetize content, which has proven to be rather difficult these days. Synereo’s first toolkit will be released in June of this year as a beta and pave the way for a decentralized Attention Economy Layer.

To put this latter apart into perspective, Synereo is planning to do things very differently compared to other projects. First of all, there will be a distributed content delivery network, which is censorship-resistant and tamper-proof. Anyone in the world can upload content directly to the Synereo CDN. Qrator will serve as the toolkit to provide a cross-platform social graph and eventually lead the way toward a fully decentralized social content app.

One could compare Qrator to some of the more sophisticated browser extensions found today. The toolkit is designed to monitor user activity as they explore different content hosting platforms. Every piece of content the user consumes can then be “amplified” by using the AMP tokens, which is Synereo’s native currency.  Every piece of amplified content will reward the creator for every time it is shared, as well as incentivize the person originally sharing it to make sure it gains network traction.

Synereo CEO Dor Konforty stated the following:

“Our main goal at this stage is giving users a taste of how a network in which they are compensated for content creation and curation feels like. Additionally, Qrator will allow us to build a cross-platform social graph and bootstrap network effects on top of existing services. With this information and user base, Synereo will be able to hit the ground running with its decentralized social networking app – already populated with users, their social environments, identities and histories – all securely stored on the blockchain, privately owned, accessible and controlled by them only. “

In a way, the Qrator platform is designed to make quality content go viral. However, it is not just up to the content creator to ensure the content gets shared, as anyone in the world can pick it up and amplify it on the network.It is an interesting take on content creation and sharing, that much is certain.Moreover, content creators can stake an AMP bounty on their creations which will attract more curators looking to share it.

The current plan is to connect Qrator to a decentralized CND after the closed beta release in June. This allows anyone in the world to bypass centralized content delivery networks such as YouTube. The rollout of a decentralized social network is scheduled to take place at a later date.All things considered, Synereo is on the right track to tackle the Attention Economy and provide real incentives for anyone who prefers to bypass centralized content delivery networks.

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