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Taiwan may Introduce Bitcoin Regulation in the Near Future


Cryptocurrencies are considered to be a risk to financial stability. This is certainly true in some regions. Taiwan is one of the countries where Bitcoin and altcoins can make a big impact. Especially with the prices going down, the impact should not be underestimated whatsoever. One senior official is concerned over how things will play out in this regard. Preparing new regulatory policies seems to be a top priority in Taiwan right now.

It is evident cryptocurrency is a hot trend all over the world. So far, that has not caused any major problems to speak of. With all prices dropping quickly, however, financial stability is not easy to maintain. It is unclear how many people in Taiwan effectively own Bitcoin or other currencies. One senior official thins the situation is dire enough to warrant further regulatory measures. It is possible this suggestion will fall on deaf ears first and foremost, though.

Positive Bitcoin Regulation in Taiwan?

More specifically, there are issues regarding cryptocurrencies in Taiwan. So far, there is no existing regulation to speak of. That situation may not change anytime soon either, depending on how things unfold. Whether or not Bitcoin has any impact on the nation’s financial stability, remains unknown. Now is a good time to look into the proper regulation of cryptocurrencies in Taiwan.  How that will play out, is anybody’s guess at his time.

It does appear Taiwan may take a rather positive approach in this regard. Proactively exploring new guidelines will often result in positive momentum overall. This doesn’t mean the government will legalize Bitcoin as a payment method, though. Taxation guidelines are another option worth exploring for the government. Maintaining financial stability in the country is always a pressing problem. There is no such thing as financial stability by default, as all markets, assets, and currencies are always volatile.

Looking at the bigger picture, this news may turn out to be positive for Bitcoin. If Taiwan takes a laissez-faire approach, things will turn out alright. Some framework for service providers can only be considered to be a good thing. South Korea recently set an interesting example in this regard. They prohibit anonymous trading, yet leave everything else untouched. It is possible we’ll see similar measures in Taiwan over the next few months.

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