Several banks and digital platforms such as are looking to help people out with crypto during these trifling times. Looks to Revolutionize Crypto Payments

The coronavirus has caused several companies to close or cease operations until further notice. Restaurants, libraries, the world is being shuttered in as government leaders seek ways to combat this growing pandemic. They believe that the best way to stop the spread is to keep everyone and everything hunkered down so people have less contact with each other.

This helps in the long run, but when this is all said and done, businesses are likely to take some hardcore financial losses. That’s why platforms such as are helping business owners by introducing them to the world of cryptocurrency.

While some retail outlets such as accept BTC or crypto as a means of payment for goods and services, the method is still relatively rare when compared with the great number who refuse to see digital assets as the equivalent of cash or credit cards. is looking to change that.

The company is helping several businesses open their online delivery portals to crypto enthusiasts who desire their products, but who also wish to pay using digital funds.

Robert Livingstone – CEO of – explained in a statement:

Our goal is to help consumers spend their cryptocurrency to make purchases they wouldn’t otherwise make while allowing companies to convert the sales of dollars, Canadian dollars, euros or pounds at the point of sale with zero volatility. As our country’s consumer base is saving their cash and credit, we are offering a solution that is a win-win for consumers and companies. Hundreds of billions of dollars are held in cryptocurrencies and our capabilities allow businesses to accept them just like credit cards or cash.

The process of setting up an account with is relatively simple. Right now, said accounts are available to federally recognized businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, in Canada or in the European Union (EU). Once an account is open, activation takes about 15 to 30 minutes. From there, they are free to accept bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin cash and Ripple (XRP) payments.

As it stands, only garners about 1.99 percent of each transaction to cover its fees.

No Chargebacks… Ever!

Livingstone further mentions:

We are seeing a rapidly accelerating number of clients asking us about alternative payment methods like cryptocurrency and bitcoin processing with instant conversion to fiat. We’ll be happy to advise clients, for free, to see if this might be the right solution for them… Our goal is to allow any federally legal company to accept payments. Since there are no chargebacks, we can charge up to 70 percent less than credit card processors.

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