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TAP Coin Delivering Major Hotel Discounts Thanks to Blockchain


We all love traveling. The thrill starts when you choose the resort you will stay at, where you plan to rest and spend your time. But very often, the thrill is diminished when the hotels we want are overpriced and there are no decent deals attached. Most of the existing deal providers like Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, and others offer accommodation at the highest rates on the market in an attempt to make good profits from your vacation time. Enter TAP Coin, a new blockchain-based hospitality loyalty and rewards program, created by the team behind HOOCH and HOOCH Black. TAP Coin offers incredible discounts on hotels at often unseen prices.


The Application That Delivers Real Discounts  

You’re free to choose any direction of the world: America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and get the lowest price off discounted accommodation list. Very often you have a chance to get the best deals for top destinations among strongest competitors like Expedia, Booking.com and Hotels.com. On top of that application can be easily installed on iOS and Android so you can book your desired hotel in a few convenient clicks. Members can save up to 60% at over 100,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Getting More Than Just a Hotel Discount

It’s not just hotels that TAP Coin will offer. As part of the purchasing process, you are rewarded with TAP, the TAP Coin loyalty and reward currency, which can be spent on drinks, dinners and even on future hotel bookings. These loyalty points are only tied to participating providers, not just the hotel that you stayed at. As there are over 100,000 venues on offer, there is a huge range to choose from. CEO of TAP Coin, Lin Dai said that “the idea behind TAP Coin was basically to find a way to get people out of the house and socializing. By offering a revolutionary new rewards program where rewards are not limited to one venue and users can gift rewards to each other, anywhere in the world, we’re confident that we’ll achieve that aim.”


In addition to hotels, TAP Coin allows you to get exclusive deals on VIP events where you can meet celebrities, get trained by Olympic athletes and obtain access to rare shopping coupons. It’s not just limited to hotels, but will involves a wide array of entertainment options. The TAP Coin ecosystem will change the way people are interacting with loyalty programs, because the Hooch ecosystem will totally eliminate the need to store loyalty bonuses points from different companies. TAP Coin will become one interspendable asset across many restaurants, hotels, shops and other places. In addition to this, users can gain even further discounts when they share their anonymous purchasing data with registered companies. This means better deals for consumers and better data for advertisers. It’s a big win for everyone in many ways.

Get ready for a massive change to the way loyalty programs, the hospitality industry and advertising is done. A big change is on its way.







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