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Taxation on the Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity with time. And why shouldn’t they? After all, cryptocurrencies have given more millionaires than other fields. With so many people coming out of the cryptocurrencies trade with successful trades and profit, it has attracted the Government’s attention.

The U.S Government has issued a bill that states that all the people who are making a profit with the cryptocurrency trades, the taxation may be made depending on what you earn on an individual basis and a business level basis.

Individual Taxation

Here are the conditions that will lead to individual taxation.

  • When you are investing in the crypto assets for individual cause, then you might be liable to pay CGT.
  • Individuals who receive payments and paycheck in the form of cryptocurrencies come under regular income and are liable to pay normal income taxes.
  • And if there are individuals who are trading in the cryptocurrencies and are taking cryptocurrency trade as their profession also comes under taxation.


It is very important to have a secure location for your crypto assets because the location of the assets also plays an important role in reducing the amount of taxes that will be paid. The exchange rate of the crypto assets depends on the location. If the crypto asset are being used for something that the government holds authority over it. Then it might happen that your tax payable may be reduced.

2. Income Tax

When you are trading with crypto assets, whatever profit you make with these crypto assets are taxable. However, if you are not doing anything with your crypto assets, then you are not liable to pay any income tax. But the moment you decide to use those assets to earn profits, you become liable to pay income taxes.

3. Capital Gain Tax

If you are using a capital income for buying and selling crypto assets, then the government will feel that you are investing in the crypto assets and will be liable to pay income taxes on the total profit made on the capital income.

Business Taxation

And if the cryptocurrency trade is being done by a group of people then it falls under Business taxation. Here are the scenarios in which cryptocurrency trade falls under Business taxation.

  • When a group of people starts investing in crypto tokens.
  • Then exchanging token with the real-life assets.
  • If you are doing cryptocurrency mining, then also you are taxable.
  • If you are providing goods and services in exchange of cryptocurrencies.

1.Trading in Exchange Token

When there is a group of people who are investing in buying and selling Exchange tokens, then this will be considered a business. Hence, this will be liable to pay income tax as per the business taxation policy. When there is a company that deals with crypto exchanges for goods and services, then it comes under Business taxation.

2. Corporation tax

While calculating all the profit and losses made by the crypto exchanges, you must track down every crypto exchange made over the last year. And whatever the profit you have made, you will be taxed accordingly.

3. VAT (Value Added Services)

There are some cases where you might have to pay a VAT on the cryptocurrency exchanges. These extra products and goods taxes are also considered on the income tax sheet.


If you are among the business owner that are making deals in cryptocurrency trade, then you are liable to pay income tax on the capital profit.

The tax will be accrued on the value of the cryptocurrencies in pounds, as it is the preferred currency in which the value of crypto coins is calculated. Even if you are converting then into other forms of cryptocurrencies, then also the value of the cryptocurrency will remain the same.

Now that you know what are the taxation processes on cryptocurrency trade. You can also start with crypto trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


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