Good news for telegram messenger users. The bitcoin wallet service provider, Telebit has now launched an android application that works in tandem with the bitcoin transfer service it offers to Telegram messenger users. The new Android application marks the company’s next step to offer easy to use bitcoin based services. The company is working with a mission to make bitcoin adoption and transaction easy for everyone, thereby encouraging more people to start using bitcoin. The new application launched by Telebit allows users to request and send bitcoin to those who are not on Telegram as well.

Apart from enabling send requests, the new application also allows integration with Trezor bitcoin wallet. Trezor is a bitcoin hardware wallet created by Czech Republic based Satoshi Labs. Trezor is known for its multiple security features to protect the bitcoins stashed in it. Telebit for Telegram messenger was introduced earlier this year. It allows the messenger app’s users to have a bitcoin wallet inside Telegram.

Telebit, like any other bitcoin wallet application allows users to send bitcoin after scanning QR code and also request payments by generating the QR code of their wallet address. However, when it comes to miners’ fee, it will be taken care of by Telebit, which is generally not the case with other providers.

Some of the additional features integrated into Telebit’s new standalone application includes incoming bitcoin payment forwarding and price tracker. The bitcoin price tracker can be set to notify the user when bitcoin price reaches a preset amount. The geolocation feature integrated inside the application allows users to either share their location with others or find businesses that accept bitcoin in their vicinity.

According to the co-founder of Telebit, Jonathan James Harrison the Telegram compatible application offers an advantage over other competitors as they have access to over 65 million telegram users. Also, other companies are yet to come up with a wallet service that works on telegram instead of creating an alternative applications with telegram APIs.

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