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TenX CEO Tweets Suspicious Message to Acquire a Binance Listing


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Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They have a fair few trading pairs listed, but not all major currencies. The TenX team allegedly tried to bribe people to get them listed on this exchange. That plan won’t work by any means, as it is one of the few honest trading platforms in the altcoin industry.

The going has been a bit tough for TenX. Despite a lot of initial ICO hype, it seems major exchanges aren’t too interested in this altcoin. Binance, for example, has not shown any indication they will list TenX in the future. It is only normal, as the project still has a lot to prove in terms of a working product.

Desperation on Behalf of TenX?

As such, it seems the TenX team is getting a bit desperate. Company CEO Julian Hosp publicly tweeted how he would bribe people to get the coin listed on this exchange. Not only is it a shady tactic, it also reduces the chances of that ever happening. The exchange is transparent regarding its listing tips, yet the PAY token seemingly doesn’t qualify at this time.

While the Tweet in question has been removed, a snapshot of it exists. It is possible Hosp was just messing around. However, it shows a lack of professionalism when it is phrased in such a manner. There is a precedent for this type of action, as Ripple was willing to pay Coinbase to get XRP listed. They did not seek help in public about it, though.

It is evident the TenX team wants to move things along. That is commendable, but this course of action serves no purpose. It won’t get PAY on Binance and make even more people averse of the TenX project. That cannot be the end goal by any means. A very strange turn of events, to say the least.

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