Cryptocurrencies are no longer the exotic digital creations that are known only to a few. The recent meteoric rise of Bitcoin and other altcoins has made cryptocurrencies the talk of the town. While Bitcoin was initially created with the primary intention of using it as an alternative mode of value exchange, it has deviated from being digital money to a profitable trading instrument.

Cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative opportunity which is being increasingly capitalized by many. However, not everyone who turns into cryptocurrency traders makes money as it requires them to have the necessary skills to read the trends and speculate the price movement accordingly. Many tend to gain this knowledge with experience reading the charts and observing the markets. Some tend to follow the practices of expert traders to execute profitable trades until they become good enough to interpret the market data themselves accurately.

There are many known traders whom the cryptocurrency trading community tend to follow, and these people tend to have a huge impact on how the market moves, as a significant number of traders, both experienced and fresh investors follow their strategies. One such well-known figure in the cryptocurrency trading circles, especially in Vietnam is Vu Ba Thanh. He is an accomplished trader — one of the largest sharks in Asia, and an investor who has been encouraging many regional traders in Vietnam to adopt cryptocurrency. Apart from trading individually, he runs a cryptocurrency website Thanh Ba Thein and also extends his services to those interested in trading by providing them the necessary training and advice to follow the market, read and interpret the graphs, speculate based on developments in the industry and more.

Vu Ba Thanh also provides cryptocurrency exchange service, where people can purchase various cryptocurrencies against fiat using Payza, Webpay, Perfect Money, OKPay, EGOPay, PayPal and more.

Vietnam is one of the countries in which people have recently started showing a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies. With most of them new to the digital currencies and trading — which is a bit different from the conventional trading, the services offered by Vu Ba Thanh is turning out to be helpful. He is active on social media platforms, offering tips and advises to the community followers.

Vu Ba Thanh, as an active promoter of cryptocurrency use in the country, is a firm believer in the role of experts in encouraging adoption of digital currency among the masses. With a genuine interest in helping people understand Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, investors and traders can not only help others earn money but also see their own portfolios increase in value due to rising adoption and usage.

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