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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tron Coin


After Justin Sun departed from Ripple and started his own crypto-related project, he was well aware that a lot of buzz would be created about it. Sun’s idea is very revolutionary in its core, but it also has its shortcomings, especially in its whitepaper.

One thing is certain — whatever the company does business-wise and promotion-wise (the company is mainly Sun), that affects the price of Tron.

Now, the public is divided when it comes to Tron. Many believe that it’s the next big thing, while others think it’s just another ambitious project doomed to fail. Although it’s difficult to predict one such thing, it’s safe to conclude that a lot of crypto enthusiasts are talking about Tron and creating hype around it.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Tron coin.

Advantages of Tron

Tron has very low transactions. In fact, they are almost non-existent. Whenever you make a transaction, you have to pay $0.000005 and that’s basically it.

Sun was a part of Ripple, and he definitely wanted to apply some of the basic notions behind Ripple to his work. If you’re not sure what those are, there’s a great Ripple cryptocurrency intro. One of those ideas is to make a system that allows transactions in great volume, which is another great advantage of Ripple.

The third big advantage is that Tron has a great team behind it. In fact, some of the most talented people in China are working on this project with one thing in mind — to further improve it.

Disadvantages of Tron

As a currency per se, Tron had its ups and downs, but that’s nothing new in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, the main concern is that there’s too much hype about the coin, with the actual Tron platform still not being completely ready for use.

In fact, the development timeline suggested in Tron’s whitepaper is quite lengthy, which means we won’t be able to see the project come to life in the near future. Therefore, all we can do is buy Tron and trade it just like any other crypto, hoping it will turn out well sometime in the future. But will it? There’s no way to tell. The best thing you can do is watch for price changes and news about the company and try to get the most out of it.


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