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The Bank of England Is the “Victim” of Various Bitcoin-Related Slogans


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Someone has a serious attitude against the Bank of England. Either that or they just hate banks in general and happen to live in England. Thus, they are taking their anger out on the nearest centralized financial institution. This week saw the Bank of England repeatedly hit with laser messages that bashed traditional monetary systems while praising bitcoin.

The Bank of England Served as a BTC Billboard

Some of the messages read, “Fiat is the bubble, and bitcoin is the pin” and “Bitcoin fixes this,” implying that there are simply too many problems occurring in today’s monetary institutions and that bitcoin is the answer we have potentially been looking for. In addition to the Bank of England, messages were flashed across several other notable landmarks in the area such as the House of Parliament. Some of the other messages featured were, “Printing money is stealing from the poor” and “Money printer go brrrrr.”

As of late, there has been a great deal of hostility and anger towards how banks and political parties have been handling the coronavirus pandemic. While they may allegedly have their hearts in the right place by printing money constantly as a way of providing stimulus measures for suffering residents, many agree that the constant printing of fiat currency is only a short-term answer and could lead to even larger problems down the line.

For example, the constant printing of money could cause further inflation. In addition, the more stimulus measures are produced, the higher taxes go up in the future, which means many children – as they get older – will be stuck with the tax burdens these stimulus measures are likely to cause. While their parents are likely benefiting, it is their children that will wind up with the problem later, causing many people to ask the question, “Is this fair?”

Stimulus Measures Called Into Question

Furthermore, many of these stimulus measures are simply being produced on the front of trying to help residents who are suffering financially, though many of the stimulus bills passed in America, for example, are filled with superficial elements that serve no benefit to the country. Seriously… Why is the American Congress devoting tens of millions of dollars to gender studies in Pakistan? Especially when so many of the country’s businesses have shut down and people cannot pay their mortgages? Does this make any sense whatsoever?

The stimulus measures have been criticized by many leading financial experts including South African entrepreneur Elon Musk and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, who says that Congress acts like money “grows on trees.” Either way, the person flashing the messages across the bank has yet to be identified, but it is clear they have great respect for bitcoin and seem to believe that the world’s number one digital currency by market cap can solve a lot more than even leading financial experts seem to give it credit for.

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