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The Bitgert Coin Phenomenon: Post-Bitcoin Halving Expectations


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As the halving season is nearing, the anticipation of investors is increasing. Every single trader wants to get the most out of the upcoming bullish rally, which is why they are looking for potential altcoins. One such coin is Bitgert, which has performed wonderfully even in the bearish period.

Post Halving Expectations From Bitgert

Unlike other altcoins that drowned during the bearish crypto period, Bitgert achieved its ATH value of $0.00000404 on August 13, 2021. It clearly shows the potential that Bitgert has and the performance it will have in the upcoming bullish rally. As per CoinMarketCap prediction, which was published in March 2024, Bitgert can rise up to the $0.3 mark by 2025. Keep in mind that this data was published when BTC halving was not even announced, clearly stating that investors and analysts have high expectations of BRISE. Bitgert also conducted a massive coin burn event on March 20, 2024, burning around 2 Trillion BRISE coins, thus increasing its scarcity on the market. Besides, Bitgert showed a more than 70% surge in just 24 hours, when BTC reached the $70,000 mark in the first week of March. All these factors clearly show that Bitgert is quite popular amongst investors and crypto maniacs, making it one of the most reliable altcoins out there.

Bitgert’s Current Market Performance

At the time of writing, i.e., on April 18, 2024, Bitgert is standing at $0.0000001706, showing a nice hike of 4.10% in the past 24 hours. However, the coin’s 24-hour trading volume is a bit affected, showing a downfall of 15.26%. On the other hand, BRISE’s market cap is up by 4.37%, summing it to $67.52 Million. The weekly and monthly statistics of BRISE are looking a bit red, showing a downfall of 12.63% and 31.48%, respectively. Chances are that Bitgert might announce another coin burn even after the BTC halving is done to reduce its current supply of 395.69 Trillion coins. If that happens, BRISE might have a nice surge in both market cap and trading volume.

Final Words

Will Bitgert be able to meet the expectations of traders and experts? The answer to this question can only be given once the halving season is over. As of now, BRISE is growing as the BTC burn event is nearing and might continue to grow as well. However, it is better to conduct your own research and observe the growing crypto market before making any investment decision.


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