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The Blockchain Threat Intelligence Market ( THRINTEL MARKET ) is finally starting a crowd sale!


Bitcoin Press Release:After a huge private sale round (210,000,000 SEC = 7,000 ETH = ~8,000,000 CAD). The company offers a pre sale, this week

March 14 2018, Toronto Canada –From the 12th of March till the the 18th of March Toronto-based Blockchain startup THRINTEL MARKETis going to offer up to 6,000,000 of their SECURE Coins (SEC) for the community to purchase, with a bonus of up to 37.5% on the first day of the pre-sale. It is expected the coins are going to sell out quickly, in a matter of fact more than 3,000,000 SEC Coins were sold in the first hour. Almost no info is made public about the full crowd-sale where 1,300,000,000 SEC (43,334 ETH = ~48,500,000 CAD) will be offered this July. But this information is said to be released later this month.

With Industry & Educational Partners, Distinguished Advisers on board experts believe it is in a great position to acquire all of the funds required from it’s incoming presale.

THINTEL MARKET operates in a huge market, detering cybercrime, which has recent projections of 6 Trillion dollars and 3.5M infosec jobs to remain unfulfilled by 2021. Currently 70% of threats go undetected and time between attack to discovery is increasing by more than 30%. (Cybersecurity Ventures)

Background: Threat intelligence refers to body of knowledge which is founded on evidence which is made up of mechanisms, implications, contexts, indicators, and advice which should be acted upon about an existing or manifest threat or danger to assets that can be used to direct decisions based on the response to dangers or threats by the subject. Knowledge of the volatility of cyber security and the threat it poses to crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum underscores the value of thrintel market.Imagine a threat intelligence market which enables sharing and validating threat intelligence in real time! This is a silver lining when it comes to cyber security. Threat intelligence market or thrintel market is a market where data is shared and exchanged by stakeholders such as large corporations, governments, threat intelligence researchers amongst others. For transacting in this market, participants use the sec coin. The market adopts a system of contribution and feedback entries to function. This is also referred to as the C — row and the F- row. Referred to as the compiled O row, this row is a representation of the data in linked lists or chains in the blockchain. And is used by machines and humans alike to make decisions on the network and provide combined insight.

The basic idea: THRINTEL MARKET is a market where security solutions get to exchange data in real time to protect you from zero days. Hacked organizations can report anonymously, security firms can report via verified accounts and use it for branding, analysts can plug into it to get insights, your security solutions get the information they need and generate money by sharing what they know, they can spend this money buying more intelligence and provide better protection for your assets.

To shed more light: THRINTEL MARKET is a new special block chain (allowing much more than just a crypto currency) that uses utility token called the SEC Coin (from SECURITY Coin). The market has two forms of submissions either Feedback or a Contribution. Your firewall (for example) would contribute data (IP or URL) of a bad actor it finds (this person sent you a virus), my firewall buys it from yours, your firewall now gets money it can use later to buy more data, meanwhile my firewall now blocks this user, if the firewall finds the entry to be useless (I later manually enabled this IP to connect again indicating it isn’t malicious) my firewall submits a negative feedback of this data or artifact it bought from you, driving its price down, and your firewall’s account reputation down. The market is really simple. Trillions of exchanges will happen every second between antiviruses, firewalls, IPS, UTMs, MDMs, etc. Analysts as well will be able to manually trade and turn data into insights, tracking and tracing cyber criminals and operations. Hacked organizations are able to share data about their hackers without risking bad PR. Meanwhile security researchers and firms are able to use the market to earn reputation and good standing in a certain region and industry sector and use that for branding being a threat intelligence leader provider in that specific domain. The new utility token is needed to implement algorithms that dis incentivize bad data & spam on the network, and to make sure transactions happen in almost real time.

In its most recent news release, a THRINTEL spokesperson stated that that the company is targeting 100 ETH (112,000 CAD) for the first Presale round, but after gauging public interest, THRINTEL MARKET updated this to a 200 ETH (235,000 CAD) initial Soft Cap for their presale.

Due to additional private Investor Interest THRINTEL MARKET has chosen to offer these Investors a chance to support the project, before it goes to the token presale stage. For that it has allocated  210,000,000 SEC for private investors.

THRINTEL MARKET’s token public presale   specifics are as follows;

THRINTEL MARKET™ Presale Round 1

  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)
  • Start of token sale: 12 March
  • Soft cap: 100 ETH
  • Hard cap: 200 ETH
  • Tokens offered in Presale: 6 000 000 SEC
  • Total Tokens issued: 2 000 000 000 SEC
  • Price: 1 ETH = 30,000 SEC
  • Payment method: ETH
  • Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
  • Deadline: 23:59 – 18 March 2018

Token Holder Benefits

Only utility token holders will be able to trade on the THRINTEL MARKET™. This ensures an increasing demand on SEC tokens, hence driving its value up. With up to 37.5% Bonus Rates

Buyers get more for their ETH now, than ever. Promotion team will be airdropping more coins till the end of the ICO in july. SEC Coin is to be listed in exchanges few weeks after the ICO. More Pre ICO Rounds are expected with lower bonus rates, until ICO.

We found the Business Slides (http://thrintelmarket.com/slides) to be of huge help along with technical whitepaper (http://thrintel.market/WP). There is also a comparison with Polyswarm on their medium which was pretty exciting to see (https://medium.com/@thrintelmarket/thrintel-market-or-polyswarm-9e7d0dc264f6).

Visit the THRINTEL MARKET website at – http://threatintelligence.market/index.html
Follow THRINTEL MARKET on Twitter – https://twitter.com/thrintelmarket
THRINTEL MARKET on Medium – https://medium.com/@thrintelmarket
Find THRINTEL MARKET on Facebook – https://fb.me/thrintelmarket
Connect on Telegram – https://t.me/thrintelmarket

Media Contact

Contact Name: Jessica
Email: [email protected]
Location: Toronto Canada




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