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The First NFT Meme Project That Is Dedicated to the Cutest Cat on the Internet


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SnoopyBabe helps homeless cats and endangered species from the Red Book, as well as rewards its holders. Recently, there have been many meme coins that are dedicated to various breeds of dogs and very few that are dedicated to animals that actually exist! Most dog meme coins do nothing, they are only created for one purpose this pump and dump.

Our team decided to change the trend and launch a meme coin dedicated to the cutest cat on the internet and our favorite, SnoopyBabe.

SnoopyBabe is a real live cat from China, living in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The owner of the animal explained that SnoopyBabe got her unusual appearance from her father’s American shorthair cat and her mother’s Persian cat.

https://www.instagram.com/snoooopybabe/ – Exotic Shorthair Cat (exo, exot) is an artificially bred breed of short-haired cats. Exots are sometimes called “Persian lazy cat” because, on the one hand, they are very similar to Persians, but do not require such close attention to care for their coats. The character is gentle and calm. These cats are curious and playful even as adults, friendly to other cats and dogs. Exotas rarely meow, do not like to be alone, are very attached to the owner and constantly need his presence.

About Our Project

Our $SBABE meme token, as well as the living cat SnoopyBabe does not like to be lonely and wants to gather a community, which will help all stray cats and endangered species of animals from the Red Book.

We are planning to help the existing pet shelters and charity foundations which help endangered red-book animals.  All the information about the shelters and charity foundations, which we support, will be placed on our website.

Every two weeks we will hold a vote in our community, and all our holders will decide who we will help and how much of our $SBABE tokens we will send.

We also plan to launch at the initial stage Market place, which will sell things and food for animals. Prices will be fixed in dollars, but you can buy these goods for our tokens SBABE and BNB. Most of the proceeds will also go to charity. In Q3 2022 we will launch NFT platform. First we will start releasing our unique NFT pictures. We will have physical products protected by NFT, where we will sell exclusive objects which will be marked with QR codes. Every QR code will be hidden 1 NFT token SBABE.

In addition to things we will sign agreements with famous pet food producers and produce pet food with the logo of our favorite meme-token SnoopyBabe, most of the money raised will go to charity.

You can see more detailed plans of our project development in the Road Map section.


Contract: Coming Soon

Decimal: 9
Max supply:10,000,000,000 SBABE
Anti-whale system: Max buy 2%

Private sale: Coming soon, It will last a few days, so don’t miss the opportunity to participate and buy a good price. Stay tuned for our news

Presale: December 20 on DXsale, the exact date and link will be published on December 15.

Launch: The day after the end of the presale

Marketing and promotion

We understand that the success of a new project depends on marketing and so we begin actively promoting our project prior to the Private Sale.

What are our plans:

– Articles in Media prior to the Private Sale
– Billboard in downtown NY during the Private Sale
– Posts on Reddit during the Private Sale
– Contests and rewards for our followers after the Private Sale
– Advertising from influencers Twitter, Instagram, YouTube  before presale
– Banner ads on Poocoin, Dextools, Coinsniper before presale
– Articles in major Media (Yahoo Finance, etc.) about our project before the presale
– Quick listing on CMC/CG after presale
– Trends on Dextools/CMC after presale

Join Us And Don’t Miss The Chance To Take Part In A Real Project

Our Website: https://snoopybabe.com
Our TG: https://t.me/snoopybabeofficialgroup
Our Twitter:  https://mobile.twitter.com/snopybabe
Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snoopybabe.token



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