In a surprising turn of the events, The Guardian published a rather positive article on Bitcoin. Mainstream media has a habit of trashing Bitcoin at every given turn, for whatever reason they may come up with. This article, however, explores the options of cryptocurrency when traditional investments are not looking all that attractive.

It has to be said; traditional investments yield little to no returns for the foreseeable future. Mainly cash investments have become one of the worst investment options to date. This is forcing consumers and investors to look for alternatives beyond the stock markets and bullion sector.

Bitcoin proves to be an attractive option, albeit it is not without risk. The cryptocurrency has been the best performing asset six times of the past seven years. Moreover, there is always a chance for a value appreciation. That will only occur when people see Bitcoin as the long-term investment that it is, though.

The Guardian Discusses Bitcoin Investment Opportunities

The price of Bitcoin has always been subject to volatility. Even though 2015 and early 2016 were far less volatile periods, things have started to fluctuate again. The recent Bitfinex hack, and concerns over the block size are not helping matters much.Then again, this is also an opportunity for investors.

People who invested in Bitcoin over the previous years and held their balance will have seen a significant value appreciation. Even individuals who invested by the end of 2015 have doubled their money already. Due to the limited coin supply, and the fact Bitcoin is not controlled or issued by banks, there is plenty of opportunity for future price increases.

One concern to take into account is how consumers struggle to buy Bitcoin. Despite the multitude of exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs around the world, the process is still an entry barrier. This will always be the case, as people venture into an unknown territory of financial services. As long as Bitcoin holders keep their funds safe in a wallet, there is nothing to worry about.

That does not mean investing in Bitcoin is for everyone. Those who are willing to take the risk – with either small or large amounts of money – have a fair chance to see a profit. At the same time, there is also a  chance of a financial loss. In the long run, Bitcoin is poised to go up in value. But as is the case with any investment, there are no guarantees. It is good to see The Guardian acknowledge these topics.

Source: The Guardian

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