Railgun is an ultra-advanced smart contracts protocol that utilizes zk-snarks privacy. It’s used to shield any transaction or smart contract interaction on the Ethereum blockchain. By using Railgun protocol, DeFi users are guaranteed privacy when trading, using leverage platforms, or adding liquidity, with any dApp on Ethereum. Railgun DAO and RAIL tokens will be live and available on June 30th. After reading the below exclusive details, users will be clamoring to get their share of RAIL tokens.

What’s Railgun & Why is it Special?

Railgun is a state-of-the-art privacy protocol and way ahead of other privacy projects. Current privacy solutions have failed to accomplish the security, privacy and flexibility, guaranteed by Railgun. Mixers don’t allow for internal shielded transfers and can’t interact with smart contracts. They are lacking in functionality and convenience.

In addition to that, users have to operate in fixed denominations meaning users can’t effectively transact using their protocol, with any kind of ease or efficiency. With Railgun every on-chain activity will be protected and hidden from the outside world. Users of Railgun will be able to:

  • Anonymously and privately interact with dApps and DEXes liquidity.
  • Access dark pool trading style which protects trading strategies from outsiders
  • Anonymously invest in new projects without alerting those who follow their wallet
  • Diamond handbags are protected from outsiders using shielded balance
  • Donations are sent and received anonymously without showing donations history publicly
  • Eliminate data collection and spying on trading habits
  • No more targeted advertisements or fraudsters

Enormous Potential of RAIL token

The Railgun system is revolutionizing the DeFi space in a new way that was never done before. The RAIL token is going to be one of the hottest commodities on June 30th. The economic framework of Railgun will be controlled by early adopters who interact and contribute directly with the Railgun system. Transaction fees will be applied on every dApp or smart contract interaction. The fee reward system will be voted on by RAIL token holders. This provides RAIL token holders with passive income from transaction fees generated by users paying for private trading.

RAIL token holders will be part of the Railgun DAO. Users will get to vote for their favorite coins to be whitelisted for use in Railgun. The token has a fixed supply, can never be diluted and has been third-party audited. Railgun’s boost in the DeFi space cannot be denied. Privacy is a right for every human being, and Railgun’s advanced solution for privacy and anonymity for stablecoins and Defi without sacrificing Ethereum security or the liquidity existing on current dApps and DEXes is HUGE.

Finally, we’re eagerly waiting for the release of Railgun and it’s token RAIL on June 30th. Follow Railgun on Twitter for Uniswap link release and to receive all updates and developments.






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