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The History of the Change in the Price of the CRV Token


The Curve platform was founded in 2020 as an automated market making exchange for traders with the focus on stablecoins – crypto backed by fiat currencies like US dollar. This approach helps Curve traders generate income from lending protocols avoiding high-volatile assets. The platform is aimed at providing stability while avoiding speculation and highly volatile coins.

The main advantages of Curve:

  • low commissions;
  • loe slippage;
  • smart contracts.

Liquidity providers receive rewards in the form of CRV crypto. You can buy this token on any crypto exchange or earn it via yield farming. For that purpose, you need to put some tokens into the liquidity pool and receive more tokens in return as a reward. It encourages liquidity providers to add more liquidity to pools and provides them ownership of a DeFi protocol.

CRV coin holders can offer changes in the Curve ecosystem, which may connect commissions, allocation of fees, new pools, yield farming, etc.

The longer you lock CRV, the more weight your vote has.

History of CRV Price

The token reached $11,54 in August 2022. That was an all-time high. In January 2022, the price reached the mark of $6,5. As of mid-December 2022, the rate is $0.52. So we can see a considerable drop in CRV price. However, 2022 was the year of bearish sentiment in the market. Experts predict the CRV token can reach $2.82 in 2023. So it is worth buying it in the long term.

You can buy CRV crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange using a convenient crypto converter. There is an opportunity to buy coins with fiat money by adding your bank card to the account.

WhiteBIT offers reliable storage for crypto assets and provides a wide range of trading tools such as futures, leverage, spot, p2p, etc.



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