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The Importance of Market Insights to Crypto Investors


If you are one of the investors who look at statistics before venturing into any trade, odds are you would have come across some mind-boggling information in your time. One such interesting statistic is the number of successful cryptocurrency traders. According to studies, only about 5% of all crypto traders are successful in the long term. So, why is crypto trading “hard” for the average investor? How can the Dohrnii Foundation change this?

Market insights are crucial to understanding the behavior of any market, and it is no different in crypto trading. Many junior and intermediate investors lack the resources to find the information to stay ahead of the market and make profitable calls. For example, the SEC and XRP have been locked in legal battles recently. These suits have affected the XRP token price. If investors can access key information about the proceedings on this matter, then they would be in a better position to make assumptions about the price of the XRP tokens.

Dohrnii presents a solution that supports small and medium market participants and helps them leverage advanced tools to improve their overall returns.

How crypto investors can take advantage of market insights

We live in a world with too much information. The issue crypto investors face today is finding the right way to collect and sort this information and turn them into powerful insights. Increasing numbers of crypto investors are turning to social platforms like Twitter, TikTok or Telegram as their initial sourcing and due diligence process. However, these platforms are not optimised to this effect.

Dohrnii’s objective is to become the first platform to focus on a decentralised way to create, distribute, and consume data for crypto investors.

The Dohrnii platform offers a way for users to easily create powerful indicators by using automated tools to harvest data from the internet. Users are able to quickly and efficiently cut down on their due diligence time and optimise their research by scanning through large amounts of information and collecting what matters to them.

At the same time, the platform leaves the door open to an ecosystem where users can create and distribute their own indicators, in the form of datasets. In that case, data consumers (crypto investors) would engage with the dataset and reward the creator by paying a fee.

Dohrnii uses a combination of tools to provide automation in various aspects of your investment portfolio. Let’s analyze how Dohrnii uses data to improve the investor’s experience and overall success.

The role of data in crypto trading

Data is crucial to any crypto investor due to its significant role in determining the current and future prices of tokens.

Dohrnii provides more than just data in an attempt to improve the success of investors. By leveraging the power of AI, Dohrnii provides investors with customized algorithmic trading alerts and suggestions that help them make better trading decisions.

Access to AI-powered information and real-time analysis does not imply immunity from market conditions. Users also need to learn to interact with these data. Dohrnii also provides investment education, which they believe is a human right!

Another vital part of Dohrnii is the investor profile questionnaire. It is an onboarding process for new users, and it collects data such as experience level, investment budget, and other metrics. . The AI uses the data it collects to provide tailored educational content, investment strategies, and investment concepts. Dohrnii believes that with proper education in combination with advanced technologies, many more investors will have a chance of success.


Many crypto traders make investment decisions based on incomplete information. There is too much information online and it is hard to filter out the noise from what really matters.

Dohrnii provides an interface where people can freely and in a decentralised manner engage to distribute or consume relevant data. A data creator will be judged on the quality of his dataset, which is rated by other users, and a data consumer can safely engage with a dataset by paying a small fee to the data creator who maintains and updates the dataset.

Dohrnii provides investors with high-quality data to promote sustainable crypto investing experience.

This service, when fully deployed, will help more traders become successful, and in due time, cause a revision of the studies about the ratio of successful crypto investors.

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