For Bitcoin enthusiasts across the world, especially the ones who got hooked on to the digital currency in its early days always dreamt of the day when they will be able to pay for anything and everything with bitcoins. Well, that day is almost here, at least in Australia.

Living Room of Satoshi, one of the leading Bitcoin payments service providers has been making that dream a reality – one step at a time. The Living Room of Satoshi, a company based out of Brisbane, Australia has introduced “Pay anyone” feature on their platform which enables customers to deposit funds into any bank account using Bitcoin.

Using “Pay anyone” feature to deposit funds into any Australian bank account is a very easy process. It is as good as sending bitcoins from one wallet to another. In order to make a deposit, one has to know the BSB (Bank State Branch) number of the respective bank branch along with the beneficiary account number.  Up on selecting “Pay anyone” option on the home screen, one is required to enter the BSB, Account number and the amount to be deposited, along with a comment (if one wishes to attach a short message along with the payment) and hit “Submit”. Once submitted, a Bitcoin wallet public key with QR code and the amount of bitcoins to be transferred for the same will be displayed. Once the Bitcoin transfer is completed, the respective amount in Australian dollars will be deposited to the beneficiary’s account.

Living Room of Satoshi’s “Pay anyone” feature makes it easier for anyone across the globe to make deposits to Australian bank accounts. The company has been striving hard to bring Bitcoin into mainstream by launching new services on a regular basis. BPAY, another service from the Living Room of Satoshi has been around for a while, making it easier for people in Australia to pay their utility bills in bitcoins. The company also provides Bitcoin payment APIs for e-commerce and online payments with Satoshi Pay, currently in beta stage and expected to be released soon.

When it comes to Bitcoin adoption, Australia is currently in the forefront and companies like Living Room of Satoshi are making the process of adoption and transition from the conventional economy to the Bitcoin driven economy easier.

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