Enjin’s blockchain development platform is about to totally transform the world of online gaming once and for all. Enjin is utilizing the blockchain technology to enable players to move seamlessly through different gaming worlds while using the same gaming characters and items in every world.

What is Enjin’s Multiverse?

The idea was first introduced via Ready Player One, the blockbuster movie centered on the “OASIS”, a massive network of gaming universes throughout which players could move through swiftly, while making use of the same characters and virtual possessions in every world they merge onto. The blockchain technology is about to offer gamers a similar future, except that this future will be decentralized, so it won’t be under control of a single entity, as was the case with OASIS.

Physics defines a “multiverse” as an endless array of universes where possibilities are literally limitless. Within a multiverse, universes are often described as being “parallel”. When the world of gaming is considered, a multiverse represents a massive network of games throughout which players can use their playable characters and possessions across different gaming worlds.

How Will It Work Through Different Gaming Worlds?

Via Enjin’s multiverse concept, each gaming item will be stored onto the blockchain along with its identity, history, provenance, and metadata, instead of being recorded on centralized servers. As such, blockchain based gaming items can be transferable across an endless number of games.

A player can use their blockchain address to store various gaming characters and items. Any developer can choose to support any set of blockchain based gaming assets, while developing their game. The developer will enable players to log their blockchain addresses while playing the game to link in-game assets to their inventory stored on the blockchain. However, an item’s artwork, details, and gameplay can differ from a game to the other, i.e. a player’s gaming inventory can look and function differently across various games.

Enjin’s multiverse will enable gamers to witness exciting gaming experiences, as their gaming characters can live infinitely as they move across different gaming worlds. You don’t have to bid your beloved character farewell or lose your gaming assets when gameplay is completed. Oppositely, you will have the chance to keep your playable character and items from a game to the other. Enter the multiverse and enjoy an unmatchable gaming experience!

What else can the blockchain technology add to the world of online gaming? Let us know what you think via the comments’ section below.   

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