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The Numbers Behind Kepler Technologies


After receiving incredible and record-breaking rankings on all relevant listing platforms, more and more people have become intrigued by Kepler’s groundbreaking ideas and visions in regards to a future shaped by a combination of Robotics, AI and the Blockchain. There is only one more day until Kepler’s pre-sale finally begins, lasting from May 22nd until June 5th.

Everyone will be able to participate in this exciting event (after confirming your identity through KYC), making the next two weeks your last chance to buy tokens with an astonishing 30% bonus! Kepler will be selling 4,000,000 tokens during the pre-sale, with each token being valued at $1.25, until KEP hits exchanges in July. This is your opportunity to invest in Kepler’s innovative and disruptive idea and to truly be a first-mover. The minimum contribution is 0.2 ETH and there is no maximum purchase amount at this stage.

Kepler not only has a truly professional and motivated team consisting of over 50 hardworking members, but also an astounding online presence. You can keep up to date with Kepler’s latest news by following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as Telegram to never miss interesting community events, such as airdrops and other perks. Even with Kepler’s Telegram group now being over 21.000 strong, there are always community members waiting to have interesting discussions about the project as well as the crypto world as a whole. The team is not only trying to collect ideas that can help improve our future from a technical standpoint but also wants to encourage like-minded people to connect on a personal level – starting in Kepler’s own community.

While Kepler works hard to continuously expand its online presence, Kepler’s visionary executives are traveling the world and working around the clock to share their many ideas for a different future, united by innovation and the goal of achieving greatness.  After attending numerous conferences and meet-ups, Kepler was able to spread international awareness for its project on the world stage. Through this hands-on approach, Kepler’s charismatic leadership was able to forge great partnerships and find substantial investments. Join them in shaping our future and don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something big!

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