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The Web3 Epic Challenge with OGCommunity, Hello Pixel, Xyro, TweetScout and 7 big projects where you get a chance to claim $50,000 USDT and fantastic prizes in tokens and NFTs


The Web3 Epic Challenge organized by OGCommunity  has rallied key players from the Web3 and GameFi realms, including notable names such as Hello Pixel, Terminal, ZarGates, The Sandbox, Hexacore, MemeFi Club, WorldShards, Xyro, TweetScout. Gamers embarking on this epic journey will face challenging tasks crafted by each project, vying for prestigious prizes along the way. 

Click, complete tasks and grab prizes

A substantial reward pool awaits the participants, with the $50,000 USDT bounty distributed through various stages, offering ample opportunities for contenders to claim their share of the spoils. Top-ranking players stand to earn cash rewards, with the first three places securing prizes of $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000 respectively. Additionally, participants within the top 50, top 100, and top 250 slots will receive extra cash rewards for their achievements.

The excitement doesn’t end  – the lottery segment promises grand rewards of $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500 for the first, second, and third place winners, alongside a host of other enticing incentives to keep the competition fierce and engaging.

Extra Prizes from Projects or what else can you get?

OGCommunity – 100,000 loot boxes with NFTs.

Hello Pixel

  • 100000 PIxel boxes (25000 NFT Main collection and 75000 PXLs token)
  •  100000 Web3 Epic Challenge Box (5000 Exclusive Pixel NFT Collection and 55000 PXLs token)
  •  30000 SGB (300$ prices)


  • 25 mystery boxes in Terminal V2
  • 333 Whitelist spots
  • $1500 in $TRMNL tokens raffle among 10 players.
  • ZarGates – 10,000 Secret Boxes with invites, NFTs, tokens.


  • 1 Golden AGO Pass (40x NFT generations, value 1000 USD)
  • 5 Silver AGO Passes (10x NFT generations)
  • AGO tokens for top farmers.

TweetScout – random raffle of Premium Subscriptions (1 year x 3, 6 months x 10, 1 month x 200)

The Sandbox:

  • Customized Avatar NFT for finishing 1 game
  • $3 in $SAND for finishing 3 games
  • Whitelist for exclusive NFT drops for finishing 5 games
  • Exclusive NFT Badge for OG Community users. 

WorldShards – 1000 text keys for game entry (4 drops: 100, 200, 300, 400). Also, Land NFT for completion of game quests (available soon), 20 legendary islands, value 1000 USD, 20 epic, value 500 USD and 20 rare, value 250 USD.

MemeFi club – 200,000 MemeFi coins for joining the bot.

Xyro – 10 Legendary NFTs and 5 Epic NFTs

How to join and crab rewards

Join Zealy, complete all the tasks and participate in the prize draw! Maybe you will be the one to hit the big jackpot!

Link to join – https://zealy.io/cw/web3epicchallenge/questboard 


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