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Things Won’t Get Any Easier After the Crypto Winter… but That’s OK


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It’s almost been a year since the so-called “crypto winter” began, and I have to admit, the bear market hasn’t been kind to blockchain startups. Capital dried up as fast as it flowed into the industry and that has left many ventures hanging on for dear life. Nearly every day, I read the news and see the same predictions, “Bitcoin about to break out,” “crypto winter ending soon.”

While I appreciate the optimism, the market will never look the same way it did a year ago. The crypto future is certainly coming, but at ICOBox we are certain only the most well thought out, meticulously developed solutions will survive. This news may be hard for those who basked in the glory of crypto mania to swallow, but another similar run doesn’t make any logical sense.

I’m not saying major players like Bitcoin won’t make huge gains in value, they could, but there will be severely less tokens and coins flooding the market in general. In another year, the market could rely on assets like stablecoins, stores of value, security tokens and utility tokens with widespread multi-platform uses.

The future is bright, but will simultaneously be difficult. The bar has been forever raised for blockchain startups. To have a chance to succeed, crypto winter or not, from now on, you will need a team of experienced industry veterans at your back.

ICOBox is that team.

We’ve carefully advised and helped crypto startups reach their funding, tech and branding goals longer than just about anyone else in the industry. We’ve weathered the worst of the crypto winter and launched some of the most successful ICOs in spite of it. With the chilliest days behind the industry, we’re prepared to bring the next generation of blockchain solutions to market.

The industry is more competitive and barebones than ever, and that trend will continue to be the new norm. Only the strongest will thrive, and we’re here to help you do just that.

About the Author: Author of this article is Nick Evdokimov,  
Founder and CEO of ICOBox.


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