The AirPod’s ICO is going on, offering you an opportunity to buy world’s first utility token ensuring lifetime, passive crypto income. AirPod is introducing the future of the travel and napping industries. It is changing the experience by providing private, smart multifunctional revitalization pods in public spaces.  Some of the features that are fit to be highlighted in these capsules include free Wi-Fi, high quality, ergonomic seats that can turn into beds, air conditioning and a lot more. Powering this state-of-the-art concept is APOD utility tokens that are going to bring passive crypto income for life.

The Background

AirPod has floated a unique, much-in-demand idea of the first multifunctional revitalization pods in the world. In today’s hectic world, the need for a personal revitalization temple is of utmost importance, not just to recharge oneself by getting adequate rest but also to get some work done on-the-go. AirPods will provide just that as it will be placed in major airports, bus and rail terminals, shopping centers, hotels, university campuses, city centers and more.

AirPod is on a mission to promote a healthier and productive ecosystem environment and those being part of the community will be efficiently helping in that mission while reaping benefits in the process.

The Business Model

AirPod’s innovative business model can be argued to be a socially conscious one and it is powered by blockchain technology. The platform is fuelled by APOD tokens that are available for the public in its ongoing token sale. The platform is reaching out to business-minded people across the world, presenting them with an opportunity to get rewarded for the rest of their lives. Those participating in the AirPod Sponsorship Programme will be active members of the AirPod ecosystem, and economy. They will be able to rent out AirPod units as members and earn from it over a long period of time.

Statistics concerning the travel industry further paints a promising outlook, as the demand for AirPod-like solution is only going to increase in the coming days. Those participating in the token sale will have a unique opportunity to be among the first movers in global multifunctional revitalization pods business. The APOD token holders will be instrumental is ensuring the journey of these personal capsules from the assembly line to market.

As success looms large over the horizon, there are 10 core elements that ensure it is easily attainable. These include:

  • Professionally designed units created by professionals from across industry segments with over 4 decades of relevant experience.
  • Revenue generation in the form of rentals, from every single AirPod that’s ever commissioned across various public spaces, will enhance the performance of the entire ecosystem.
  • The product will be positioned in an untapped and underestimated napping industry which is valued at the US $500 million per year.
  • The modern, blockchain based business and payment model uses smart contracts for automation and transparency, which will play a major role in enabling rapid expansion of the business across geographies.
  • The current blockchain industry and AirPod’s association with it opens huge corridors for growth. Apart from benefiting from the advantages of blockchain technology, AirPod will also contribute towards taking the decentralized ledger technology mainstream.
  • The market opportunity, demand for such solution and the cryptocurrency adoption will contribute towards increased valuation of the tokens, which will be widely welcomed by the APOD community.
  • AirPod is in the process of forging a strategic partnership with one of the biggest players in airport lounge sector, which will result in these smart revitalization pods being installed in some of the major airports in the world.
  • Various airlines have shown interest in AirPod and they are also considering serious investments in the company by purchasing shares.
  • And the golden egg: The airport industry serves over 6 billion passengers every year, of which 600 million are estimated to be transit passengers. Combining these figures with projected industry growth rate of about 6.4%, the potential of revenue generation from AirPod installations in airports alone is significant.

All these factors will ultimately translate to the grand success of the AirPod project and those taking advantage of the token sale and sponsorship programme will benefit greatly from it.

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