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This Is How GG World Lottery Redefines Transparency for Global and National Lotteries


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The current global lottery industry, though having massive growth potential, is faced with various challenges, especially obsolete technologies, poor transparency, and a dire need for changes in its overall mechanics. To address these challenges, GG World Lottery — the world’s first blockchain based platform for government regulated lotteries has initiated the change by offering completely online and transparent national lotteries, worldwide.

The Current & Future Lottery Industry

In 2017, ticket sales across the world added up to a total revenue base of over $273 billion. However, the industry has also been faced with some monumental issues. Lotteries are really struggling to embrace new technology and to have transparent, modern market strategies. In fact, most of these are run by governments, implying that the industry is monopolized. In addition, the lack of satisfactory levels of transparency causes users to doubt the entire industry. GG World Lottery intends to transform all the above and make a world-class lottery service available to everyone irrespective of where they live.

Transparency Redefined for Global and National Lotteries

The GG World Lottery platform protects both players and users by employing blockchain nodes. It provides additional transparency by ensuring fairness of draws through the integration of TRNG technology based on Quantis True Random Number Generator. Also, it will utilize the advantages offered by DLT to share profits with eligible community members and respective jurisdictions as per their existing regulatory and legal frameworks. In addition, the platform also allocates a significant percentage of the profits, to be channeled to verified charitable organizations. The system will be monitored closely and certified by a leading authority when it comes to gaming certification – Gaming Laboratories International. This will not only provide an additional layer of transparency but guarantees the trustworthiness of these lotteries.

Engaging & User-Centric Design

With a model built around security, transparency, ease-of-use, and accessibility, GG World Lottery hopes to tap into unexplored markets such as the African, Asian, and South American continents. Thanks to GG World Lottery blockchain platform, the gambling industry is also set to receive a facelift as it will get rid of outdated lottery hardware such as communication routers, ticket dispensers, monitors, scanners, tickets, and terminals. In addition to removing retailers and other intermediaries from the equation, the platform will provide numerous advantages to the players by enabling them to play right at their homes while eliminating fraudsters from the lottery ecosystem. GG World Lottery puts the user at the forefront, making sure that his preferences are properly catered to. It will be user- and mobile-friendly.

Impressive Dividends

GG World Lottery allows every token holder to get quarterly-paid lifetime revenue share based on the overall number of tokens they hold. Users will be able to receive dividends based on every single Jackpot prize win.

Token Sale

The project recently concluded its private token sale and starting November 30, 2018, the public sale started. During the sale, investors can purchase GGC tokens following the completion of KYC whitelisting process. GG World Lottery has some attractive bonus offers in place for those supporting the project by purchasing tokens worth over $10,000. Any purchase between $10,000 and $100,000 will receive a 5% bonus, while contributions over $100,000 and $1,000,000 will be eligible for a 10% bonus. Similarly, high rollers contributing more than a $1,000,000 will gain a 15% bonus.

Know more about the platform on its official website or visit its Facebook and Twitter page to receive regular updates.

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