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After a huge private sale round (210,000,000 SEC = 7,000 ETH = ~8,000,000 CAD). The company offers a pre sale, this week!

From the 12th of Marchtill the the 18th of the same month, less than one week, Thrintel Market is going to offer up to 90,000,000 of their SECURE Coins (SEC) (3,000 ETH  = ~3,350,000 CAD) for the community to buy in with a bonus of up to 37.5% on the first day of the pre sale.  It is expected the coins are going to sell out fairly quickly.

” THRINTEL MARKET is an open source decentralized blockchain powered threat intelligence market”

Almost no info is made public about the full crowd-sale where 1,300,000,000 SEC (43,334 ETH  = ~48,500,000 CAD) will be offered. But we were told it will be in July this year.

“SECURE Coins (SEC) are the market erc20 utility coins. “

With Industry & Educational Partners, Distinguished Advisers like The Former Samsung Electronics CEO and the Director of Threat Intelligence in eSentire, among others, the company is set to get the project funds, but can they get the community they need to pull it off?  The company operates in a huge market, cyber crime will cost 6 Trillion dollars and 3.5M infosec jobs will be unfulfilled by 2021, moreover currently 70% of threats go undetected and time between attack to discovery is increasing by more than 30% (Ponemon Institute , Merrill Lynch, Gartner).

Reportedly the company hasn’t spent quite the money for marketing this pre sale. With most listings, press releases, and traction, coming from their newsletter update they sent out this week only, announcing the presale and development updates. However ad banners, video graphics, sponsored articles, sponsored videos are to be seen nowhere for now. Stealth mode seems to be the theme here.

In their newsletter their writer said that they are targeting a 100 ETH (112,000 CAD) for the Pre ICO, but only hours later their website was updated to show 300 ETH (335,000 CAD) as the Soft Cap. Their newsletter was sent out on Friday the 9th of March announcing their PreICO on the 12th, right after the weekend, only lasting for less than one week. It looks like they are going for another private sale with a PreICO flavor kind of thing. Where their circle and their circles would know about the sale and get on it but the public wouldn’t know much. Companies like Telegram (TON) have also followed a similar plan where its labelled as a crowd-sale but really their investors are eating all the profit + bonus up, by buying all the available coins on the first few hours.  The investors buy the coins now for discounted prices and rack up both their unfair and unrealistic returns by Christmas. Seems apparent from the short public notice, lack of marketing, short active period, small targets and huge bonus margins.

We reached out to the team for a comment but all leaders and media contacts replied back with different apologies, CFO and co-Dir of Development yet to reply. Seems interesting how this really gigantic and innovative block-chain project is in super stealth mode fund-raising. With private investors getting the coins while others not having a chance. Apparent from their bonus table attached below how it was engineered specifically to reward bigger contributions most likely from their own circle, rather than smaller ones from average investors like us.  What’s your plan to stack up on SECURE Coins this Monday?

What do you think of this tactic now followed by many big projects?

Are they avoiding the ICO label?

Are they just sliding bonus coins to their private investors before the big ICO?

Tell us what you think

Find THRINTELMARKET (SEC) at <thrintelmarket.com>

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