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Three Ways Cryptocurrencies Are Improving Your Life


These days, cryptocurrencies are in the news more and more. The buzz gets louder every day

There is much to be learned. It is reminiscent of the early days of the personal computer when the common refrain was: “What would I do with a computer anyway?”  Just a few years later, the world was totally transformed.

Cryptocurrencies bring just as many possibilities.  The key to the puzzle is blockchain technology.  This opens the door to applications that go far beyond the pure buying and selling of currencies.  Critics agree that the best of the blockchain bunch is Ethereum.

If you check Wikipedia, here is what you will find: Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality.

If this description has left you baffled, you are not alone.  So let’s make it easy by using Ethereum blockchain applications from SilentNotary.com to show how their world changing services can improve your life. Everyone on the planet, large and small, can benefit.

#1: Putting An End To War


Since the beginning of time wars have been won and lost over the issue of land: who owns it, where it is located and what it can be used for.  

Today, there are billions of people in the world literally with no address, not even a street visible on Google Maps. This means there are no property records to identify ownership. Blockchain technology is just beginning to make change happen.

The United States is better off but most county records cover only deeds and other legal documents if there are properly filed. Until now verbal contracts and agreements written on scraps of paper had no legal weight.

It should be no surprise that most legal disputes result from things not contained in formal legal documents.  That results in the services of high cost real estate attorneys.

Having a record of every step of the process of buying or selling real estate has never been more important.  The founders of SilentNotary began addressing this very issue a long while ago and now have the Ethereum blockchain technology to change the world. Shortly, we will explain how it can work for you.

#2 Hundreds Of Millions Lost Every Year

Consider the enormous but opaque business of copyrights and royalties. We are talking literally hundreds of millions every year of contested copyrights and music royalty payments.  Putting the familiar copyright logo at the bottom of a written document is worthless.

Making a record of every step of the creative process is critical.  Using Ethereum blockchain technology, SilentNotary makes it possible.

How is this changing the world?  It all starts with building trust with SilentNotary.com. If you are an author, artist or musician, it means you can count on

more money in your pocket. For the public, it means your high cost entertainment money is not being diluted by scams.

Using SilentNotary will allow artists for the first time to record, certify and store song texts, writings, and music using blockchain technology.

#3 Building Trust With Your Building Contractor

The price for residential real estate in the United States is skyrocketing.  The short supply of homes in hot areas like the East and West Coast is driving prices to ridiculous levels. Families in these areas are plunking down nearly a million dollars for little more than a shack.  In local parlance, these are called teardowns.

Teardowns offer a compelling choice.  If you are considering the teardown option, first talk to someone who has been through the experience.

Be prepared to hear a few colorful (horror) stories about the process.  Along the way it is guaranteed the words, crooked contractor and shoddy workmanship and missed deadlines will be heard.

During rebuilding process, lots on conversations take place, promises are made, deadlines agreed on: none of it recorded anywhere.

Once again, this is where having document of literally every communication saves time, lawyer fees and lots of your hard earned money.

Begin your project the right way with SilentNotary.  Record results using photos or videos. The details of success or failure to deliver on time or rejected items will become evidence.

Here is how smoothly SilentNotary.com can make it happen.

The SilentNotary Advantage

The SilentNotary user interface allows you to record everything using Chat-bots.  This includes not just documents but also voice and text using photos or videos.

Record the time and details of every communication.  Activate the SilentNotary audio recording and have the conversation recorded to secure and protect your interests. Verbal agreements no longer get lost.  Send records video files and other details for certification.

Getting Started Is Simple

Once you logon to SilentNotary, start with Email-bot. Simply shoot a copy of all written or verbal communication to the SilentNotary email address and everything will automatically be certified and stored in the Notary Vault.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS will give you immediate access to all the above features and more. Start recording audio, video of take pictures in a second, send the files for certifications and there you are. All uploaded information is stored in the Notary Vault and registered in the Blockchain.

Chat-bot for Telegram offers maximum flexibility. Just turn it on and gain access to all its functions, including registering all communications and verifications.

Chat-bot for Facebook is the first to use all options provided by Facebook. It understands how to assure and preserve all the correspondence and attached files.
The product is developed to be functional in a multi-chat mode as well.

Premium/ Pre-Sale ICO Is Open

SilentNotary’s blockchain technology is changing the world of trust and verification. Over 3.2 billion people on the globe have daily use for application of this technology and the founders of SilentNotary are working day and night to bring their services to this audience.

This is the reason for their Premium/ Pre-Sale ICO that begins on October 26thLimited tokens available with 30% discount and time is short so getting your interest registered is running out. The main ICO will start in November 2017. We invite you to join us in building trust in the world. https://silentnotary.com/


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