The multifunctional platform Tidex with infinite, according to its developers, possibilities, launches staking on cryptocurrencies. The project team offers users an alternative view on staking. Let’s explore the specifics of staking crypto on Tidex.

Few words on staking

Staking is the process of earning cryptocurrencies by holding them. There are various approaches to how it functions. For example, earning on staking on many decentralized projects (DeFi) assumes locking users’ funds for the needs of the project. This scheme is often used, among other options, for launching lending platforms. Users whose funds are engaged in lending get the percentage of the interests paid by borrowers.

Interesting fact! Staking might be seen as an alternative to traditional mining that is a very energy-intensive process, which, according to the Cambridge scientists, greatly harms the ecology.

Amidst the corona crisis of 2020 many people are challenged to find additional and alternative sources of income to guarantee a stable cash flow. Staking is one of such options.

To simplify the process of choosing well-matched offers for stakers, the team of the multifunctional platform Tidex listed the best offers in one place. Moreover, the project developers offer users technical solutions that make staking easier and more effective.

The Tidex approach to operating can be qualified as smart staking as the team united on their platform the best instruments for earning on holding digital assets.

6 reasons to start staking crypto on Tidex

  1. All offers at once place. On the platform, there are offers for staking crypto with different levels of profitability. The process of choosing projects by yourself together with analysing their security might take plenty of time. With Tidex, this work of stakers has been already done by the team of professionals.
  2. Staking with Tidex is safe. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market is full of unstable projects. Identification of such projects might require complex technical audits. The users of Tidex platforms get only those offers for passive income that were checked by experts in the field. The project, the functionality of which lies beyond offering staking crypto, has been successfully operating on the digital assets market for many years. There was not an occasion when the Tidex security systems failed.
  3. Tidex has an efficient support team. Should the users need a consultation, the platform has instantly available moderators and management in the live chat on the webpage. Also, the Tidex team actively communicates with the community via Telegram chat.
  4. It is possible to start earning in few clicks. Tidex differentiates itself among other platforms by the intuitive design that allows users to swiftly get passive income from staking.
  5. Tidex does not charge fees on staking. The platform is free from hidden charges.
  6. Tidex ecosystem provides additional services for transactions with earned cryptocurrencies. For example, platform users can convert digital assets on the exchange.


Currently, Tidex supports staking WAVES, the internal token of the Tidex platform, bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, DAI, USDN, and other cryptocurrencies. Each user can be involved in staking several coins at a time. Moreover, the profitability from staking digital assets can come as a pleasant surprise. The developers promise up to 50% annually on a range of cryptocurrencies.

The Tidex team also plans to widen the list of cryptocurrencies available for staking. Also, users can suggest cryptocurrencies to be listed for staking on the platform.

The official Tidex webpage screen


Starting staking with Tidex is one of the easiest ways to organize passive income. The project team provides users with a set of technical solutions that ensure secure and seamless staking.

The collection of lucrative offers at one place – on the Tidex platform – simplifies the process of starting staking. The user-friendliness of the interface and transparent terms of use bring this type of earning passive income to a whole new level.

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