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Tik Tok Star Matt Lorion Loses Money in “Mando” Crypto Scam


Considering how common crypto scams have become in recent years, it is quite easy to get stuck in one, but when someone with “status” comes out and promotes one of these scams, it can be a little difficult to take at first. Matt Lorion – a 17-year-old Tik Tok influencer – is now apologizing to all his fans after he promoted a potential crypto scam that saw people lose some serious money.

Matt Lorion: I’m Sorry for Promoting Mando

Lorion has made a name for himself discussing various crypto assets online. Over the past few weeks, he has been talking up a storm about a new asset known as Mando, a digital currency based on “The Mandalorian” television show which is featured on Disney Plus. Mando turned out to be a classic pump-and-dump scheme, and Lorion himself lost as much as $10,000 in the coin. He is now asking his fans to forgive his attachment to the asset.

In a recent statement, Lorion explained:

The other day, I promoted a cryptocurrency named Mando, which… the developers pretty much scammed everyone, including me. Some of you guys invested into Mando… I had $10,000 invested. All of it is gone, now.

The website for Mando first appeared on March 25 of this year. It used several pictures of the characters from the series without permission and was allegedly so convincing that many people felt like they would be missing out if they did not get involved right away. Now, however, the website has been stripped of most of its previous information, including details regarding how to buy through a separate site known as “Pancake Swap.” The Twitter page for the currency has also been taken down.

I’m Going to Research Every Crypto From Here On Out

Aside from this, Mando had a whitepaper backing it up that was reportedly filled with nonsensical information and data regarding how the currency had been tested in the past. Lorion is now swearing that he is going to look deeply into every single cryptocurrency he is considering promoting. He says:

So, to make sure that something like this does not happen again, my management team is going to get in contact with every single developer before I promote a cryptocurrency. We are going to do background checks and we are going to make sure that everything we are promoting is 100 percent legit and in it for the long term, and I just want to clarify that from here on out, whenever I promote a cryptocurrency, this is just me showing light to the crypto. You guys want to do your own research and make sure that you are putting in money into something that you believe in long term.

Already, Lorion is promoting a new cryptocurrency called Elongate. While some claim it is a scam, Lorion is swearing up-and-down that the asset is legitimate.

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