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Token bearers of Veritas Mining – 6 months to a break even


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Day by day, month by month, mining cryptocurrencies increasingly becomes difficult as a result of the need for increasing hardware and dedicated resources. Mining individually is now leaving the scene, with many miners combining their resources together in order to garner more mining power to conquer cryptocurrency mines. This brings in more profitability – and that’s what mining pools are about.

The profits, as well as the mining ease in mining pools,  have moved individual miners to create communities of cryptocurrency miners, with China being the location for some of the biggest mining pools since 2013. But you don’t have to go to China to be a big-time mining guru. From wherever you are, just by owning Veritium, Veritas will give you mining returns and more. What Veritas does is simple: it has the advantages that make mining profitable and that’s electricity costs. At just $0.035 kWH, Veritas reduces the operational costs of mining cryptocurrencies and draws power from renewable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly sources.

The token sale of Veritas is coming

At a total of ERC20 tokens, 135 million Veritium (VRTM), Veritas’ Mining tokens will be issued. This puts 1 VRTM at 0.001 ETH. Presales of the VRTM happened on 28th October, where 5 million tokens were capped, 4,697,826 VRTM sold, and an amount of $720,000 realized. November 24th was the commencement of the crowdsale with 0.25ETH being the minimum sale.

The sale of 100 tokens will see the supply of 18 tokens distributed among bounties, advisors, partners, and teams. When a VRTM doesn’t make it to the selling telling, it will be burnt, meaning the supply of Veritium is very limited giving it a very high chance of going up in value very quickly and logically.

Why you should hold VRTM tokens

Any Veritas token holder receives Ethereum dividends. Holders of the VRTM should, by 6 months’ time, breakeven immediately after having access to their tokens. With different revenue sources being organized by Veritas, the mining platform is on its way to integrating major and easy-to-use fiat money platforms to ensure ease of transactions. Veritas is creating the supply and will create the demand for their own tokens again – ultimately creating fungibility for Veritium.

For token holders, there are other use cases, either as a collateral or pledge. The tokens will also compete and have trade worthiness in the normal fiat market.

This is a revolution you should be part of.


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