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Token TV: The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Media Hub


April 6th, 2018: London, UK: The innovative minds at Token Media, a digital marketing agency that specializes in cryptocurrency projects, have launched their very own cryptocurrency media hub — Token TV.

A Need For An Honest Cryptocurrency News Source

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continue into the early stages of mass adoption, unique opportunities and challenges are abound for consumers, investors, and developers. The growing interest in the disruptive technology of blockchain has created a need for accurate, insightful, and correct information.

Access to the right information in the cryptocurrency space has become a challenge for the new and experienced alike; information channels have become saturated with:

  • Misinformation
  • Bad advice
  • Scams

Not only does misinformation harm everyday consumers, it also harms the very adoption of cryptocurrencies and technological promises that blockchain has to offer. Both newcomers and veterans of the cryptocurrency space suffer from a lack of verifiable, intelligible information.

Education, Analyses, Discussions, and More

Token TV is cryptocurrency media hub that aims to become an all-in-one source for an intelligent, reliable, and actionable conversation on all-things crypto-related by providing exclusive:

  • Bitcoins & altcoin analyses
  • Crypto markets analyses
  • Interviews with successful traders
  • Interviews with developers
  • Discussions on blockchain
  • ICO opportunities
  • News coverage
  • How-to guides


Token TV’s current flagship show, Token TV Plus+ is currently hosted by Bill Cassidy and Ravi P, experts with years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. The cryptocurrency media hub will also provide a space for intelligent discussion for anything and everything related to cryptocurrencies today.

Token TV – Your Media Channel For All Things Cryptocurrency

In a landscape that is fragmented and saturated with misguidance, Token TV will stand out as an honest and trustworthy source for cryptocurrency news. With Token TV’s experienced commentators, market experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and cryptocurrency insiders, subscribers will be given the right information presented in an educational and entertaining format.

Token TV is a channel created by veterans in the cryptocurrency space, dedicated to crypto-enthusiasts wanting to learn and earn more from tomorrow’s world of blockchain.

Exclusive interviews, breaking news, due diligence and research reports on coins, and intelligent conversations about the world of blockchain will be presented to viewers to give them the confidence in the decentralized future. That’s Token TV — your honest media hub for all things crypto.

Stay tuned.


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