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TOKIA: ICO soft cap reached in incredible 7 hours 14 minutes


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TOKIA is an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platform. To understand what makes it so revolutionary, we need to understand the triangle of convenience it is based on.

The main target of this project is to make all cryptocurrencies go mainstream – become easy to buy, keep and spend. Having in mind the pace of the blockchain revolution, it is hard to grasp how come we do not have such working and reliable solution today. Well, everything is about to change.

The ICO started on 4th of December and in only 7 hours the soft cap has been reached. This is quite an achievement showing strong interest from all over the world. Investors from 73 countries have already supported Tokia in its first stage of ICO.

What is TOKIA all about?

It is about simplicity. It is about direct blockchain payments. There is also an exchange and safe storage of your crypto capital. These are the most important aspects of this crypto business that very few desire to deal with.

Solving all the current issues which come to radical inconvenience to buy or spend your Bitcoin will make things brighter. There are three main components which can and will create synergy for adaption of the major cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Here are some facts about them:

Multi-currency blockchain wallet enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange and get spent via the debit card from one convenient source.

Tokia direct debit card allows using virtual currencies in everyday life seamlessly converting their virtual assets into traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment.

Why Tokia card is so important?

All the mentioned elements interact to simplify operations in blockchain to make them more convenient for all cryptocurrency conversions. By introducing a wide variety of FIAT currencies Tokia will ensure that the whole cryptocurrency world is spinning faster thanks to the increased liquidity of assets.

There has NEVER been an easier way to buy, sell and spend Bitcoin. Anyone anywhere will be able to purchase major cryptocurrencies with Tokia. All these Altcoins can then be used to make purchases using your Tokia debit card. No external exchange is necessary and the process couldn’t be simpler. One card makes all cryptocurrencies instantly accessible for everyday purchases.

“It is sometimes hard to grasp the pace at which the blockchain world is evolving. We understand that it is as important to maintain this evolution within the technology as it is vital to adjust to currently adapted everyday processes. One of them is card payments. Therefore we introduce the Tokia debit card – a perfect tool for ideal shopping experience using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.” – says Anna Lunhu, the co-founder and a CEO of Tokia.

There will also be an increasing number of promotions dedicated to enhance the satisfaction of using Tokia card. Exclusive benefits will only be available for those who support the project in their ICO stage while this is the most important period of the future success.

A way of getting free money

Another valuable point to memorize about Tokia project is their concept of clients’ capital management. It is nothing too clever to just gather the currencies and store it allowing them to be spent. What is actually clever is to provide an option to lend your capital to other participants of Tokia exchange. It gets distributed among them automatically therefore all guarantees are in place – you can’t lose you money. This way you not only preserve your money and win on the organic increase of value of cryptocurrencies but also you get additional interests on the capital that you have lent.

It is as close to free money as it could be. The only thing you need to do is to allow your coins to be lent to someone else. It is entirely up to you to decide and, honestly, why wouldn’t you, right?


Tokia launched their ICO

Such project did not go unnoticed. Tokia has just started their ICO with the first stage of pre-sale and very decent -47% discount on tokens for early investors. Not surprisingly it only took 7 hours and 14 minutes to reach the soft cap.

The crowdfunding campaign is planned to take a couple of months, however, the pre-sale will only be available till the new year or earlier if it gets sold out sooner. Having in mind that one fifth of the tokens that were dedicated for the first round are already sold – we are most likely looking at way earlier finish.

All investors who buy 1000 tokens or more will be given the right to exchange all their currencies for free forever. According to the publicly provided information the amount of freely exchanged capital will be calculated by multiplying the number of tokens held by 10. This number increases to 50 if an investor contributes by purchasing 5000 tokens or more.

It is a great opportunity to get into something that just might shape the payment industry as well as help to globally adapt cryptocurrencies for everyday use. It is called Tokia and now is the best time to get some tokens when they are -47% off.

There has never been easier to buy, keep and sell Bitcoin. Tokia will make it go mainstream.


Website: www.tokia.io
Whitepaper: http://www.tokia.io/docs/Tokia%20whitepaper.pdf
Presentation: http://www.tokia.io/docs/Tokia%20onepager.pdf


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