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Top Cryptocurrency Advisors Join the Ranks of GIFcoin – World’s First Gambling Investment Fund


The online cryptocurrency gambling market is one of the fast-growing industry segments with lots of new casinos cropping up on a regular basis. In order to stay relevant in the market, the gambling platforms have to keep themselves constantly updated with loads of new features and game offerings.

It has been proven repeatedly that online gambling is a lucrative business with great returns, and the option to use cryptocurrencies for betting, which erases geographical boundaries and waiting times for deposits and withdrawals, have made it popular among players. VitalBet, an online gambling platform which has been operational since 2015 has recognized the challenges in the sector as well as the growth opportunities for not just the platform but also the community. In order to encash on these opportunities, VitalBet has launched the Gambling Investment Fund, a blockchain fund powered by native ERC20 GIFcoin.

The GIFcoin is presently being offered to interested investors through its ongoing crowdsale campaign. The funds raised through this token sale will be used for further development of the platform, introduction of new features, mobile apps etc. And for their contributions, the GIFcoin token holders will receive a portion of the platform’s profits.

As GIFcoin proceeds with its grand plans, the platform has onboarded some of the leading personalities from various spheres who can help with the crowdsale and the future direction of GIFcoin and VitalBet. The recently constituted GIFcoin advisory board includes entrepreneurs and growth hackers like Stefan Stefanov – who runs a highly successful marketing agency which has been ranked at the top of the list by; Reuben Godfrey – who has worked with several startups and multinationals and has been the voice of various industry segments including pharmaceuticals, technology and telecom; Nikolay Shkilev – an entrepreneur who has his ventures working in multiple verticals and is familiar with huge transaction projects and others.

The GIFcoin project has its own legal eagle in the form of Vladimir Nikitin who is way too familiar with legal audits, cryptocurrency, and economic laws. Mofassair Hussain, a chartered accountant, entrepreneur and a member of Israeli Blockchain Association brings in valuable insights into the accountability of the project to itself and the participants in the crowdsale, with respect to funds raised, its utilization and returns offered to the token holders. His blockchain experience gives Hussain an edge over his counterparts.

Other blockchain experts like Rick Tapia and Tyler Sanford are helping the team out with their ICO strategy, goals and marketing among others. With most of the cryptocurrencies being used as instruments for investments, Rumen Salvchov – an experienced investment broker and cryptocurrency investment guru ensures that the GIFcoin project remains an attractive investment opportunity for the community.

With the backing of such sharp minds, GIFcoin is looking at successful crowdsale and a bright future outlook, making VitalBet a formidable contender in the cryptocurrency gambling sector.

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