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Touring Paradise made easy with BitcoinTour



BitIsland, which pioneered the local Indonesian infrastructure to accept digital currencies, has taken the next step to offer a seamless booking experience with a new agency called BitcoinTour.

BitIsland’s latest endeavor has already begun operations on an encouraging note, as reported by the Project Director, Oscar Darmawan.

The agency is hardly into its second week of operations but has already tilled over $10,000 in bitcoins. Darmawan expressed his confidence that, in the near future, the sales are likely to grow three times more.

BitcoinTour is built to accept digital currencies for the purposes of booking or availing services, facilities in hotels, trains as well as flight reservations. BitcoinTour already supports complete tour bookings, with support from Citilink, Lion Air and Air Asia.

Indonesia has been a favorite tourist destination in the region and it definitely has been to its benefit that local businesses are stepping-forward to set-up processes and infrastructure to accept decentralized currencies.

One of the key initiatives behind the increased adoption of bitcoins in the country’s tourist-based economy has been BitIslands Project continued efforts. Beginning operations in May 2014, it is sponsored by Bitcoin.co.id, which is the lobby group and holds the largest bitcoin exchange in the country.

As Darmawan reported, the growth trajectory for BitIslands has done well, with several commercial establishments, from “hotels, villas, restaurants, a jewellery shop, food delivery services and even taxis that are accepting bitcoin.”

He added that BitIslands Project, has been begun a free bitcoin information center as well, to provide,” free education for people who want to know about bitcoin.”

BitIslands initiative has been to fill the huge dearth in traditional payment services infrastructure, such as lack of conveniently-located ATMs, restrictions on the funds that can be withdrawn and very limited credit card-support.

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