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Trace Mayer Predicts a Bitcoin Price of $28m By February 2018


It is always interesting to keep an eye on Bitcoin price predictions. Although we have seen some ridiculous projections, no one knows what the top or bottom is these days. Trace Mayer has made some interesting predictions over the past few years. His latest projection put the future Bitcoin price at over $27,000 by February of 2018. A high goal that will not be easy to achieve by any means.

No one can deny things have evolved pretty nicely for Bitcoin over the years. A few years ago, this currency wasn’t worth anything whatsoever. Today, people hardly bat an eye when the price goes up or down by $300. It shows how far we have come, to say the very least. Additionally, the current momentum leads to some bullish future price predictions.Not all of these predictions will come true, but they are still worth keeping an eye on.

Ultra Bullish Bitcoin Price Prediction

Perhaps the most interesting Bitcoin price projection right now is the one by Trace Mayer. According to his excel sheet, Bitcoin will be worth around $28,000 by February 2018. That is a 475% increase from today’s value, which is mega bullish already. While there is no reason to think this can’t come true, it remains to be seen if we will get even close to that target.

There are plenty of reasons to think we will see this target in four months from now. No regulatory measures have any effect on the Bitcoin price whatsoever these days. China’s scare turned into a brief correction and a new all-time high Russia’s regulatory hints resulted in an even higher all-time high. People seemingly stopped caring about how banks and governments feel about Bitcoin. Rightfully so, as a decentralized currency can’t be regulated under any circumstance.

There are others who predict  a bright future for the Bitcoin price. While those projects are a bit more normal. reaching $10,0000 seems to be the overall sentiment right now. Everyone who holds Bitcoin is rightfully bullish as of right now. Only time will tell if any more positive momentum is to be expected in the coming months and years. Bitcoin is unlikely any other form of money mankind has ever seen. It is perhaps the only form of money that will matter in the long run.

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