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trade.io Engages Its Community For Stress Testing Of Unique Crypto Exchange …Live Launch Imminent


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Tuesday 12 June 2018, Lugano Switzerland, trade.io announces that its highly anticipated crypto to crypto online exchange is approaching launch, with thanks to its valued community members. The Beta version, which was released in May 2018 is currently being stress tested by over 200 community members, comprising of crypto fans, technical testers, blockchain developers and token investors.   These testers represent a huge demographic of potential users who will go on to regularly utilise the exchange upon launch.

The community members are proactively providing feedback on the current User Interface (UI), as well as stress testing for bugs. Any feedback given to the trade.io development team is being categorised and quickly acted upon, in order to provide a uniquely safe and customisable trading platform that vastly differentiates itself from its competitors.

On this, CTO of trade.io, Charles Voltron commented: “Rather than trying to decide for ourselves what the community wants on this front we have taken a vastly different approach from our competitors”.

On this, an anonymous community member commented:This is the first time as investor that I was given power to shape the very heart of a company, in this case, the trade.io exchange platform. The team has shown their talent not only on the technical side but also on the human relationship side, taking in consideration every suggestion we testers had, and we were a quite noisy group of testers!”

Feedback from the community shows an appreciation of the exchange’s customizable user interface that will compliment the trading strategy and preferences of any given user. On this, Charles continued: “…it’s clear that poor user interface is the top complaint among traders about currently available crypto exchanges, along with security concerns. Through our customizable modular UI, the evolution of our platform will be almost entirely driven by the users themselves”.

Since the onset of community testing, additional valuable features have been incorporated into the exchange, purely upon the request of its testers. On this, Charles added:  “We added night mode, better widget resizing, better chart options, color themes – these were all user feedback related.”

COO of trade.io Roy Gutshall commented: “Our users love the flexible UI and ability to create their own unique trading environment.  Some people don’t like using charts so they just trade with the order book. Others like the social aspect of creating their profiles, avatars, and using the chat functionality.  The ability to cater to a multitude of user preferences is being recognized by the majority of the beta users.”

Charles concluded by stating: “We are setting new precedents by engaging with our community to the level that we currently are.  We have built our entire UI framework around being able to quickly respond to on-going user feedback. With our approach, we simply add a new widget and users can decide if they want to use it or not. No other exchange is catering to users in terms of UI flexibility this way.”

The community has taken particular note of the customizability of the Exchange via intuitive widgets.  On this, an anonymous community member commented: “This exchange is built from the ground up using widget system for faster and flexible rollout of functionalities. And everything has been suggested by the community.  For that reason, this could be the best exchange.”

The trade.io Exchange is scheduled for release shortly upon finalising the testing process.  Pre-registration is currently open at https://exchange.trade.io

About trade.io

trade.io is a next generation institution, bridging the world of traditional finance with state-of-the-art fintech and blockchain innovations to provide a more ethical & efficient financial environment for financial consumers. trade.io does this by drawing upon its unparalleled history in the financial and blockchain sectors to provide top-range turnkey services. Currently in high demand are:

> The trade.io Consulting Services to verified ICOs who have been vetted for long-term viability. > The trade.io Investing Program, through which angel investors and institutions can invest in up and coming, high-potential ICOs at highly discounted rates with additional benefits.

> The highly-anticipated trade.io exchange, built by traders for traders. It sets itself apart as the first crypto exchange to offer a professional, fully customizable and highly intuitive trading environment.

The company owes its ongoing successes to its community. They helped to raise over 31 million USD for the trade.io ICO which concluded in January of this year, and they continue to constructively shape the processes, services and products offered by the company.


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