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Trade Zing Co-Founder on How People Can Avoid Crypto Scams


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Scams, scams, and more scams… Lately, it feels like all we really hear about anymore in the world of crypto are the number of scams that have been hitting the streets, but not too long ago, Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson hosted a meeting with Jordan Edelson, the co-founder of Trade Zing, and asked him what people can do to prevent themselves from falling victim to these ongoing issues.

Trade Zing Works to Lessen Crypto Scams

The event began with Nelson asking:

People are hungry for information. Nobody knows what to believe anymore. There’s so much confusion about the difference between all these. How do you address that? What [are] your thoughts on addressing it and does your platform help address it?

Responding, Edelson claimed that communities need to educate themselves. They need to ensure they have all the data necessary on hand to make proper decisions, and they need to check in on certain crypto investments before they get involved to make sure issuing companies have histories of transparency. He commented:

The solution is really community and transparency, and that’s something that’s been missing. A lot of these current social networks and platforms out there were never built ground up for financial information. Because of that, a lot of people are taking advantage of the weaknesses of these platforms.

He also mentioned that while crypto scams appear largely aimed at individual investors and traders, he said they do the most damage to the crypto arena in general, and that many companies are also largely affected. He stated:

When you have these types of scams and these issues and problems, it hurts it across the board. I think adding a layer of transparency is the way to grow future tokens and digital assets and bring back truth to the sector.

Knowing the Differences Between Good and Crap Coins

Lastly, he said Trade Zing is always about making sure people have what they need to make informed decisions. Trade Zing has worked hard to ensure it remains an integral part of the crypto space, and its morality is always at the highest points. He also said it’s striving to separate the good coins from the bad:

We’re still kind of in that vetting process. We’re also kind of in a time right now of consolidation, where you’re seeing different projects consolidate, and ultimately, the best breed starts to bubble up to the top. Trade Zing, as a platform, is going to highlight a lot of that, amplify the messaging around it, allow a lot of that, as well as highlight the bad as well because it’s just important to be educated on the bad and the good. This way, people are properly educated about the risk involved when they get involved in these different types of assets.

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