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Transforming Cryptocurrency Trading: Finbitex Announces 0.1 BTC Giveaway for New Members


Finbitex, one of the most efficient blockchain-based crypto trading platforms of its kind, gains massive attention due to the transformational trading experience it is giving to cryptocurrency owners. Being a reliable, well-reputed and highly established broker, Finbitex caters to a wide range of traders as it deals with a broad range of cryptocurrencies as well as integrates advanced technologies including reliable crypto trading signals in its operations. If you haven’t tried Finbitex yet, it’s high time to do so, as the company has recently announced a 0.1 BTC giveaway to all new members who seek to test the platform, its features and terms and conditions.

Highlights of the Platforms

The prominent features of Finbitex include but not limited to insightful trading information availability, in-depth explanation of cryptocurrencies, trading trends, latest techniques of account management and more. The traders also have access to 24/7 customer support, enabling them to make the most of the platform.

TraderSoft – Finbitex’ Pick

On Finbitex’ simple-to-use trading platform, traders can trade Crypto CFDs via TraderSoft, a software being used by many crypto trading and forex brokers since it’s great for beginners to learn and use. Finbitex currently supports more than 35 tokens including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Ripple, while it plans to include more cryptocurrencies in near future.

The Finbitex Team

Finbitex bears a great significance, being established by the industry-expert finance professionals having more than 50 years of rich exposure to Crypto, Commodities, Banking, and Forex sectors. Because of its capable team, Finbitex is fast rising as one of the smartest and most trusted crypto trading platforms. The growth of the venture is impressive; starting off as a small-scale 4-people operation a year ago and becoming a huge group of 48 members in two offices handing more than 5000 active traders.

Feature Rich Platform

The qualified traders over the platform are able to make the most out of the specialized products offered on a constant basis, to transform their trading experience. These products include:

  • Trading signals provided by reliable forex signals provider PIAFirst
  • Start trading with as low as $25 and deposit as low as $250
  • Get to know the Trading robots
  • Shows latest market reviews, trends and research for better, smarter decision making
  • Offers the advanced marker tools that help understand market data and market driving factors

Smart Account Management

Unlike most other platforms, Finbitex prefers to stay on top of their client’s needs and hence ensures that all the accounts are managed by real people and not some automated computer system. Finbitex has 5 different types of accounts in the offering, all with varying initial deposits. Each of the account types comes with its own bonus. Basic Account with 20% bonus, Silver with 60% welcome bonus, Gold with 80%, Platinum with 100% and the VIP managed Black Account. All the account users get access to the education center, market reviews, webinars and more.

Finbitex- Successfully Addressing the Industry Challenges

Despite the current trends showing that the traders have recently suffered from heavy losses with the market this week’s trading, it’s great to see that 85% of clients at Finbitex made profits.

Eric Schloss, the CEO of Finbitex, shares his opinion on the situation:

It’s time for people to reclaim the market, there is too much fake news dominating the crypto world, and that’s why trading algorithms and robots are failing, while human minds are flourishing. Maybe 10 years from now robots will defeat humans but for now, the proof is in the pudding. Finbitex boasts exceptional traders that can manage your account and have predicted the recent fall in BTC”

Celebrating Success

Some of the perks offered by Finbitex include various arbitrage deals, cryptocurrency-backed debit cards for accounts holding 100BTCs or more, and an option to get signals on demand. Apart from all the features, the platform ensures the security of all user funds by storing the cryptocurrencies in cold storage. However, recently, to celebrate the success, Finbitex is giving away 0.1 BTC for new members to test its platform, terms and conditions apply.

To explore the exclusive features and win the impressive giveaways, please visit https://finbitex.com



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