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Transforming The Transcoding Business Sphere, Transcodium Partners With Native Video Box To Create Synergy


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March, 2018- Emerging transcoding platform Transcodium Ltd. partners with Native Video Box, creating a synergy to further position Transcodium as a global leader as transcoding platform of choice in the near future. The partnership aims at enabling Tanscodium to provide transcoding and video processing services to Native Video Box, helping the company meet their long-term goals.

Native Video Box is a decentralized video distribution platform that uses a unique and effective technology based on multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning helping people discover the type of video content they would love.

Recently, The Transcodium’s team has been working tirelessly with the support of their new advisor ( Jason Appleton popularly known as “The Crypto Crow “ ) in the development and open-sourcing of their wallet and the project core (codename TNS Mothership) on their Github repository ( @transcodium ).

Transcoding is a process where one file is converted into other formats, transcoding is used to make media files available to a broader range of devices. This is the reason that we can enjoy our favourite TV series same on all our device ( TV, Desktop, Mobile ).

Started in 2015 as Medianap, Transcodium evolved from a visual cloud transcoding and media editing platform to migrating it to blockchain and decentralization technology with a fully autonomous interference.

Transcodium is a unique solution providing the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform using top quality and reliable computational power at affordable prices. Transcodium is bringing a unique solution for start ups, and low budget companies by providing them with global standard quality at very low cost.

“ We at Transcodium are happy to start a new revolution in the transcoding industry. We are building on our experience and using the immense power of blockchain technology to deliver top quality transcoding solution to business owners who are looking for the best services at lower prices. Our partnership with Native Video Box is a strong indication of how much trust we have built and the possibilities available in the near future. ” Says Razak Zakari, Co-founder of Transcodium.

“We are helping businesses tap into a very fast and parallel model that we have created with our unlimited computational power and reliability. You can now have your files transferred to 100s of storage locations with just a click.”

Creating a new shift as the first transcoding company to use blockchain technology as its backbone, Transcodium brings a lot of unique services for businesses with the primary focus to helping them grow their businesses.

You can find more information on Transcodium on their website ( https://transcodium.com ), Twitter ( https://twitter.com/transcodium ), Telegram ( https://t.me/transcodium ) and Github ( https://github.com/transcodium )


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