Brenda Gentry recently resigned from her job as a mortgage underwriter at USAA, something she did for roughly ten years. She has become rather privy to the crypto scene and wanted to give it a try. Now, crypto has become her career, and she’s making about $80,000 per month.

Brenda Gentry Has Transitioned to Crypto Full Time

As the head of a crypto consulting firm, Gentry launched the business in San Antonio – where she has lived most of her life – after leaving her job. For the most part, she sees crypto as a method of building wealth and helping generations that have been repeatedly stricken by poverty fight back against the financial burdens they’ve consistently dealt with.

At 46 years of age, she has two daughters – ages 19 and 23 – to care for. Prior to leaving her job, she began investing in crypto during the early stages of the coronavirus lockdown. As time went by, she began investing more, and it didn’t take long for her crypto investments to outdo those of her 401K, which had taken 11 years to hit the $200,000 mark.

She said in an interview:

My investment portfolio surpassed my 401(k) — which had taken 11 years to get to $200,000 — in six months.

While she admits that crypto is a risky investment, she feels relatively comfortable with it given her experience in the world of finance and due diligence. She is now widely known as the “crypto mom” online, a nickname also shared by Hester Pierce, and her main career outlet is running Gentry Media Productions with her two daughters while simultaneously investing in crypto assets on a personal level.

The firm primarily works with decentralized finance (defi) and non-fungible token (NFT) projects. For the most part, Gentry gets paid in crypto for her work – usually around ten to 20 ether per month – which is somewhere between $40,000 and $80,000 at the time of writing. This is considerably higher than the $75,000 per year she made with her last job.

She says that generational poverty is a huge curse, and she believes this growing market has many elements to it that can potentially help people fight low-income and poor financial conditions. She says:

NFTs and defi are breaking down generational curses of poverty. Crypto is about financial freedom. Most people who couldn’t access loans with traditional finance because of credit limitations can now invest in crypto and be able to borrow from it.

Helping the Other Members of Her Family

Gentry says that crypto has helped her entire family do well and she has even managed to help her parents retire with her crypto earnings. She says:

This is something I always wanted to do. My dad retired before but had to go back to work. The pension wasn’t cutting it for them. My mom had been working as a cleaning supervisor for many years. The hours were brutal and took a toll on her health.

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