It would appear bitcoin companies and service providers are starting to show support for the potential user-activated soft fork. Trezor is the latest company to do so, as they are the first hardware wallet providers to do so. It is quite significant to have so many companies on board, even though most of them have been pro-SegWit from day one as well.

Trezor Feels The UASF Is A Good Candidate

Scaling bitcoin remains a colossal challenge no one has been able to solve just yet. The wide variety of potential scaling solutions is not necessarily making things either. However, it appears both SegWit and the UASF proposal are both gaining some more traction as of late, which is a positive development. In the end, the UASF relies on community support more than anything else.

Trezor is the first hardware wallet provider to effectively support the user-activated soft fork. The company also pledged support to traditional SegWit activation, even though it seems highly unlikely that will ever happen. After all, most Chinese mining pools continue to oppose Segregated Witness, either out of financial gain or for entirely different reasons unknown to the bitcoin community.

It also appears some other companies are starting to signal support for the UASF as of right now. Bitcoin India, one of the country’s largest exchanges, has pledged support. BitKong and BitcoinReminder have also added support for the BIP148 proposal, which is nice to see. Samourai Wallet also sees the merit in using either SegWit or a UASF to activate this solution moving forward. An interesting turn of events, that much is evident.

What is even more surprising is how the entities openly opposing BIP148 and the UASF have disappeared all of a sudden. Just a few days ago, roughly 3% of the service providers had blocked the UASF, although they have seemingly changed their mind. The Emergent Consensus solution faces a lot more opposition right now, though, with 26% of companies openly opposing the concept. SegWit itself has an opposition level of 4% right now, which seems to be slightly less compared to a few days ago as well.

In the end, it is not hard to see how the community feels about all of the scaling solutions. Emergent Consensus is not popular by any means, for obvious reasons. Companies and service providers clearly favor SegWit-oriented solutions, either by having it activated by the miners or through a community effort. Bitcoin Unlimited will not succeed by any means, although some of its supporters will gladly claim otherwise.

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