Bitcoin Cash users have something new to look forward to. More specifically, the Trezor has announced they are working on cashaddr support. It is a pretty big milestone for the BCH ecosystem as a whole. This also shows companies are effectively paying attention to these developments, even though it takes time to implement such changes.

Cashaddr is one of the biggest developments for Bitcoin Cash to date. This new address format makes it easier to distinguish between BCH and BTC addresses. While it may not be a perfect solution, it seems to serve its purpose quite well. It is now up to service providers and hardware wallet manufacturers to implement cashaddr support accordingly.

Cashaddr Support is Coming to Trezor

It seems Trezor is getting close to implementing this new address format. An official pull request has been submitted by one of the many people contributing code to the Trezor hardware wallet. It is a very big development for all BCH supporters. Additionally, it also makes the Trezor wallet more robust and versatile.

For the time being, there is no official timeline as to when this integration will be completed. A lot of companies have already made the switch. It is evident Trezor cannot remain behind when it comes to cashaddr support. With the likes of BitPay, context, and Coinbase already making the switch, the tone was set some time ago. Hardware wallet manufacturers often require a bit more time to make changes like this one.

All things considered, this is a big development for the Bitcoin Cash community. Cashaddr support is an integral part of BCH altogether. With more service providers supporting this solution, the future looks bright for this particular altcoin. We can only hope Trezor finalize this project soon and in a proper manner. Additionally, more service providers may follow their example in this regard.

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